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May 2014

When Is It Time To Consider A Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel is a great way to add luxury to one of the most used and enjoyed spaces in your home.  Oftentimes, however, the need for a remodel isn’t based on luxury alone.  The bathroom, like any other part of your home, requires maintenance over time to remain a functional space.  If you spot any of these telltale signs, it may be time to consider a bathroom remodel: 1.  Is it getting excessively difficult to clean the surfaces of…

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Picking Your Dream Color Scheme

One of the biggest influences on a bathroom remodel’s success is choosing the right color and color combinations.  Color can enhance the tone of the room and also gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style.  We aren’t just talking about paint either; you can get creative with the ways that you use color in your bathroom.  Bathmats, Towels, all the way down to small items such as your toothbrushes can have a big impact on the overall…

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What to Consider When You Remodel

When considering a bathroom remodel, there are a number of things to think about.  Included among the considerations is whether the remodel will transform the space into a space dedicated to luxury or simply increase the functionality and aesthetics of the room. Other considerations will involve evaluating how the space is currently used — is it a retreat that will provide solace after a long day of work?  We at Columbus Bath Design will listen to your vision and assist…

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