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May 2015

Tips for Finishing the Basement Bathroom

Basement bathrooms don’t have to be dingy places. Despite having to work around piping, dim light and ceilings that are usually lower than above-ground rooms in your home, you can easily turn your basement bathroom into an additional oasis by applying good design principles. In other words, many of the other bathroom tips provided by Columbus Bath Design by Luxury Bath are applicable to the area on the lowest level of your home. Designing a basement bathroom, however, does have…

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Brighten Up Your Bathroom For Summer

Regardless of whether your bathroom is modern or traditional, every bathroom deserves to be bright and colorful and summer is the perfect time to make those changes. Because it is one of the smallest rooms in the home, it often gets neglected. Yet brightening this space is easy and often inexpensive. Here are some tips to make your bathroom bright and airy. Maximise the amount of light to make the space feel bigger. Keep as much of the interior as…

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Think Outside The Box When Tackling Bathroom Design

Think Outside The Box When Tackling Bathroom Design – A well-designed bathroom is one of life’s pleasures. It makes us more efficient in the morning when starting our day and is a place to retreat to relieve stress. Often when designing a bathroom remodel, we tend to fall into the same tired patterns that end up only minimally refreshing the space. The following tips will get you thinking out of the box when considering a bathroom renovation. Ditch the Bathtub. Consider removing…

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Green Plants For Bathroom Spaces

Many people enjoy decorating with plants. However, certain rooms in a house do not provide optimal growing conditions. For instance, the bathroom is often tiny, lacks natural light, and fluctuates in temperature. With a few tips, it is easy to select the perfect greenery for this type of space. Compensating for Low Light.¬†Unlike other rooms in the house, a bathroom is usually short on windows. This limits the number of plants that will grow. One type that works well in…

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