Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

How It Works

Wondering what the bathroom remodeling process will look like? Below we explain how Columbus Bath Design takes you from an idea to a well executed, new bathroom install. It’s a quick, easy, and surprisingly affordable process!

Steps 1 through 5
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Step 1: Contact Us

To get started, call us at 614-721-3879. We are located at 8596 Cotter Street on the North side of Columbus, Ohio. The remodeling showroom is just off of Polaris Parkway. Our design specialists will be ready to talk you through what you will need, when you will need it, and how easy the next steps really are.

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Step 2: Explore Design Possibilities

This is the fun part! Choose from our superb remodeling selection and create a bathroom design idea. Our friendly staff can guide you to get the look, feel and function you want for the best possible price. Choose the tile, shower doors, tub, and accessories that fit your style and purpose. Our staff knows just the right questions to ask to make sure your bathroom turns out just the way you want it to look.

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Step 3: Get Estimate

We provide free in-home estimates, so you know exactly what to expect, or we can give you a basic quote at our bathroom design center. Either way, our bathroom designers, and remodelers will be as upfront as possible in order to make sure your project comes in on budget.

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Step 4: Finalize Your Design

Make any final improvements you would like to your bathroom design. Bathroom finishes, fixtures, and special orders. We know that ideas come to you even at the last minute, and our bathroom design team are experienced enough to make these changes!

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Step 5: Schedule Installation

Our experienced, professional bathroom installers will come to your home on the scheduled day and time, to install your new bathroom! They will perform the renovation while keeping the dust and mess to a minimum. We know that a renovation can be a huge inconvenience to your normal, day to day lifestyle and Columbus Bath Design makes certain to be as courteous, clean, and understanding while the renovation is being completed.