Shower Doors

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Shower doors
Shower doors

Your home improvement to-do list includes a bathroom shower upgrade. What do you do about the shower door? Shower enclosures have become an important design element in the bathroom. In keeping with the latest trends in bathroom renovation, Columbus Bath Design offers a variety of shower doors that add style and functionality. Our shower doors are designed with you in mind by providing exceptional value and features.

Whether you’re remodeling a master bathroom or a guest bathroom, you’ll want your shower door to be made with high standards for quality and maintenance. Anyone that has ever had to clean a shower knows how challenging it can be. We have taken that into strong consideration and addressed it with our signature LuxSeal® glass treatment that makes cleaning a breeze. 

All of our glass shower doors include our proprietary LuxSeal® glass treatment and tapered bottom track. The LuxSeal® on the glass will protect the clarity, finish, and beauty of the glass from cloudy watermarks and mineral deposits. This “sealant” makes cleaning the door not only easier but actually decreases the frequency the door needs to be cleaned by 90%. The tapered bottom track of a shower is also treated with the LuxSeal® sealant which will protect it against the buildup of soap scum and mildew. If you appreciate the time typically required to clean a glass shower and track, then you’ll find tremendous value this technology offers.

Our glass shower doors are available in a variety of styles and sizes and can be frameless or with frames, sliding or hinged. We have glass in 3/16,” 1⁄4”, and ⅜” thick. The ideal size is dependent on several factors that our design experts are happy to discuss with you during an in-home free estimate.

However, here are some general guidelines when considering the style and size of your shower door:

  • Exact dimensions of your shower space
  • Measurements between the shower and other fixtures, such as the toilet or vanity
  • Can a pivoting shower door be freely opened without hitting other fixtures?

The designers will work with you to narrow the options and help you make decisions. If you have a small space, then perhaps a frameless sliding shower door will provide a more airy, open feel to the design. Whereas, a more spacious master bath can make a statement with stainless steel or a black framed shower.

The experts at Columbus Bath Design specialize in only bathroom design and remodeling. We are the choice bathroom remodeling contractor in Columbus when it comes to bathrooms and we will listen to your goals and needs for your remodel. Contact us to learn more about how your bathroom can become a favorite room in your home.

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