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10 Blue Bathroom Tile Designs That Will Inspire You

10 Blue Bathroom Tile Designs That Will Inspire You

April 19, 2022 | Bathroom Design

You always wanted a blue bathroom! Just not like your grandmother’s bathroom. Today’s blue decor options run the gamut between a pale light blue to rich gem tones and everything in between. Explore the possibilities and find inspiration for your bathroom renovation with these quick tips. Close your eyes and imagine one of these dazzling styles in your bathroom!

Dazzle Your Guests with Repeating Cubes in Shades of Blue TileBlue Bathroom

Break away from the standard mosaic tiles sold in the DIY store when you opt for a fun geometric pattern in traditional square tile sizes. 3D cubes create a fun yet intriguing wall for your bathroom that speaks of contemporary flair without going over the top.

Blend the Elegance of Old World and Vintage Chic with a Blue Floral Floor Tile

Large white tiles with an intricate lace flower depicted in blue set the stage for your bathroom. Bring out the understated blue in the floors by matching it on your door frames, cabinetry, and as an accent color in your wall mosaics. Complete the look with lighter shades of blue and green for your linens for a natural feel.

Dive Deep into Your Master Spa with Swimming Pool Blue Tiles

Do you always relax when you see the flickering shades of blue dancing at the bottom of the pool or while flying over the Caribbean seas? Bring that tropical vibe into your bathroom with blue tiles finished to look like water in motion. Use them as flooring or clad the walls of your walk-in shower for a deep-sea experience.

Go Dark and Bold with White Contrast in Your Blue Bathroom

Do you love drama? Create a feature wall behind your vanity mirror of rich, decadent blue subway tiles. Finish out the rest of the space in off-while or marble stone tiles. Select crisp white porcelain fixtures and classic chrome taps for a timeless look that embraces a contemporary color palette.

Build a Mediterranean Bathroom with Custom Mosaic Tiles in Pastel Blues and Greens

Revisit your days in the seaside towns of Italy when you opt for a custom mosaic tile pattern. Choose tiles in graduated shades of green, blue, and even yellow. Create wide stripes, wave motifs, or circular medallions to mimic that vacation spa experience in your own home.

Introduce Blue to Your Bathroom Using More than Just Tile

It isn’t necessary to settle for a busy mix of solid and glass tiles in a pre-made panel to get your perfect blue bathroom. Start with natural stone flooring in granite or marble with gray-blue swirls setting the stage. Select a vanity in deep gray. Add a pop of light blue paint on the walls. Finally, line your tub and shower enclosure in glass subway tiles with just a hint of blue in its depths. Royal blue towels, flowers, and floor mats add to the dramatic presentation.

Textured Stone Wall Tiles Add a Natural Element to Your Blue Concept

You found the perfect sky blue tile for the walls and an understated off-white vinyl floor with wood grain. How do you tie it together? Explore the options in the masonry tile section. Use a unique rough-cut stone or brickwork chimney tile with slate blue-gray undertones. Finally, add a jewel-tone finish to the vanity with glass knobs to enliven the space.

Hand Painted Custom Geometric Floral Tiles Create an Art Gallery in Your Shower

Are you all about geometric patterns? Build intrigue with a custom tile in a repeating geometric floral pattern. The bold, dark blue base color is highlighted by the white line art. As a focus wall at the back of the shower, it makes the small and long bathroom feel a little more spacious.

Talk a Walk Down a Babbling Brook with River Rock Floors and Sky Blue Tiles

Have you ever looked at the pebbles at the bottom of a brook? They tend to come in various shades of gray, blue, and brown. Now, just imagine those round rocks adorning the floor of your walk-in shower. Randomize your selection of green and blue tiles to mimic the dappled sunshine through overhanging branches. Don’t forget to add in some clear glass accents for that sparkle of sunshine.

Embrace Your Rustic Side with Ceramic Tile with an Aged Wood Grain Appearance

Did you love the appearance of an old building with weathered unpainted siding? Introduce the trending look of aged wood into your blue bathroom. Look for a tile with white as the main character, but look deeper into its oxidized appearance. Are there flecks of blue mixed in? Picture the wood look-alike tile on the wall while you add more blue accents with rugs, shower curtain, and countertop accessories.

Columbus Bath Design Can Help that Blue Bathroom Dream Come to Life

Are you ready to kickstart your blue bathroom renovation? Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design. During your first appointment show us your dream board and pics. Together we will find all the tile, fixtures, finishes, and details to create that perfect blue bathroom. Click or call today.

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