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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Luxurious Home Retreat

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Luxurious Home Retreat

by Columbus Bath Design |April 15, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Are you tired of your bathroom looking like the same old drab, dull space that it has been since you first moved in? Do you want to create a spa-like oasis where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of a long day? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the most luxurious and spa-worthy remodeling ideas to transform your bathroom into your own personal retreat. From comfortable soaking tubs to radiant floor heating, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get the ultimate spa experience right at home. Don’t settle for a boring, lackluster bathroom any longer – read on for some inspiring remodel ideas that will make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury.

Comfortable Soaking Tub

Elevating your bathroom experience by installing a comfortable soaking tub can take your home retreat to a luxurious level. If you’re aiming for a lavish seaside retreat, consider incorporating a curved, freestanding bathtub with upscale elements to create an immersive spa-like experience. Do you want to create a unique bathroom experience? Add a soaking tub with scenic views to take your relaxation to the next level. A jacuzzi tub is also a great addition to your bathroom if you’re looking to create the ultimate relaxation space. For those looking for a rustic aesthetic, a concrete soaking tub with rustic flooring can add an extra dose of comfort and luxury to your master bathroom. Investing in a comfortable soaking tub can transform your bathroom into a spa-worth retreat that’s perfect for unwinding and relaxing in style.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating can add the perfect touch of luxury to a spa-worthy bathroom remodel. These systems use warm water or electric coils to heat the floor beneath your feet, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Powder room remodels can also be affordable with simple changes like headboard and a new coat of paint. For a more elegant option, consider a lilac color scheme paired with an arabesque tile design. Terrazzo tiles are also a great choice for contemporary bathroom designs, adding visual texture and interest. 

High-Quality Tile

When it comes to creating a spa-worthy bathroom, high-quality tile is the key ingredient. Terrazzo porcelain tiles, with their stylish and unique look, are a popular choice for creating a spa bathroom. The lilac color scheme, when paired with Arabesque tiles, creates a stunning and tranquil atmosphere in the bathroom.

Mosaic gray tiles and marble tiles can create a sophisticated, monochromatic Art Deco look. The use of metallic accents, such as brass fixtures and gold faucets, adds an updated vintage feel to the bathroom.

Investing in high-quality tiles can provide an instant luxury upgrade to your bathroom. With the use of unique finishes and patterns, you can make your bathroom a luxurious retreat that you can look forward to every day.

Soft Touches

The small design details should not be overlooked when remodeling your bathroom. Adding small touches such as accent rugs, plants, and decor elements can bring a luxurious spa-like feel to the room. Rugs are a great way to introduce color and pattern into the bathroom, while plants can provide a touch of nature. Decorative objects such as vases, candles, and artwork can also give the bathroom a more inviting feel.

The luxury of a bathroom remodel is in the details. Investing in high-quality tiles and adding small touches of luxury will transform your bathroom into a space that you can look forward to spending time in.

Window Treatments That Enhance Natural Light

One essential element of a luxurious bathroom is the presence of natural light. Several window treatments enhance the natural light in your bathroom while adding to its luxurious feel. Experimenting with yellow or bright white bulbs, low-hanging Edison bulbs, and spotlights can enhance the natural light in your bathroom, as well as removing shutters that block natural light. When working with light fixtures, safety should be a top priority, and it is essential to maintain a safe distance from water sources to avoid potential splashes.

Next-Level Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any bathroom, and upgrading the lighting can give it the spa-like touch you need. Why not go for a chic chandelier to add an extra dimension and elegance to your bathroom décor? To maximize storage, add some floating shelves that will make it easy to access your products.

Good lighting can make all the difference in your bathroom remodel. Statement lighting fixtures will bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom and set the mood for your space. Try installing a modern chandelier over the bathtub or hanging pendant lights over the vanity. You can also add some ambient lighting with wall sconces to enhance the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Oversized Steam Shower and Rain Shower Head

A steam shower and rain shower head can transport you to a luxurious spa in the comfort of your own home. Upgrade your bathroom to enjoy a spa-like experience every day. Whether you have a coastal-inspired bathroom, modern master bath, or an indoor pool room, installing an oversized steam shower and rain shower head can take your bathroom to the next level of luxury.

Bathroom Vanities

A bathroom vanity is one of the most important pieces in a bathroom remodel. It can set the style for the whole room and serve as a focal point. There are many different vanity styles to choose from, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs and taste. If you’re looking for something more traditional, try a classic white bathroom vanity with marble countertops. For a more modern look, try a floating bathroom vanity with an integrated sink.

If you have the space, consider a vanity that will comfortably accommodate two people. This can be a great way to cut down on getting ready in the morning, and it can also be a fun way to bond with your partner or spouse.

There are many different ways to double the vanity in your bathroom. You can use a simple shift in the tub and toilet area to free up space for a double vanity. You can also use upright cabinets as a linen closet for towels and toiletries. If you have a small bathroom, you can still make it look good with double vanity by using creative storage ideas.

Maximize Your Space

If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious spa retreat vibe, then maximizing the available space is key. Use unconventional colors for fixtures or opt for white stone to make the space pop. Removing shower doors can create the illusion of more space too. It is wise to hire professionals for a polished look that meets your expectations. With a good remodeling company, this process can be less stressful and smooth. Sprucing up your sink is an excellent way to add style, and you can even tuck it into a cabinetry unit opposite the restroom. No matter how you decide to redesign your bathroom, make sure to have confidence and let your style shine through!

Organizing Solutions

Organizing solutions can help create an oasis-like feel in the bathroom by decluttering countertops and creating storage space. Built-in shelving or cabinets can be installed to contain your bathroom items and towels. A vanity table or make-up counter allows you to store all of your bath supplies in one place while also adding a design element to the bathroom. A statement mirror is also necessary for the bathroom and can provide the illusion of an extra few feet of space, making your bathroom feel larger.

Immerse Yourself

Incorporating spa-worthy additions to your bathroom can transform this essential room into an indulgent personal retreat. By using luxurious materials, maximizing space, and incorporating practical spa features such as radiant floor heating and a comfortable soaking tub, you can create an environment that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you want to unwind after a long day, gear up for the day ahead, or create a luxurious space to entertain guests, our team can help you turn your vision into a reality. Get in touch with Columbus Bath Design today to discuss your dream bathroom remodel project.

How to Rejuvenate Your Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

How to Rejuvenate Your Bathroom in 5 Simple Steps

by Columbus Bath Design |March 30, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling

Are you tired of everything to do with your outdated bathroom? How do you give it a complete refresh without calling in the wrecking ball? Your local pros at Columbus Bath Design offer up these quick tips to turn your family restroom into a spa-like retreat without breaking the bank.

1. Switch Out the Mirror and Lights

While your toilet and tub would look just fine in any bathroom built in the last century, the mirror or medicine chest will feature all the decor trends from the year that your home was built. Replacing the mirror needs only a few screws and an hour to take off the old one with the honey oak frame and install a floating mirror. Now your reflection will indicate the modern world in which you live.

What about those sconces on either side of it featuring dated bronze or brass? A pair of clear globes with a brushed nickel finish would be much more the thing, wouldn’t it?

2. Replace the Tired Sink and Vanity

Your existing vanity may lack storage space, its doors don’t close anymore, and the sink is discolored and cracked. With the right knowledge and muscle, taking out the old unit and installing a new one of the same size requires just a couple of hours of effort. Many vanities are sold with the sink and faucets included, or you can customize the perfect cabinet with the hardware of your choosing.

Imagine a morning routine where there is room to store your hair dryer, all your makeup, and his beard trimming tools. It is even possible to opt for a two-sink version without doing major plumbing. Life could be so much easier and look a lot better, too.

3. New Vinyl Floors Cover Up Signs of Age and Grime

Your old cracked vinyl floor has certainly seen better days. It isn’t warped or rotting…it’s just ugly. However, there is no reason to rip out the old flooring when you just want to update the appearance of your bathroom. Today’s luxury vinyl tiles can be laid over the old vinyl using a quick self-leveling agent and fast-drying adhesive.

In a single afternoon, you can retire the outdated floral pattern and replace it with tiles that look like wood or stone and are soft and warm underfoot.

You could go all out and have a radiant heating mat installed at the same time for toasty warm toes after your shower.

4. Update the Tub and Shower Enclosure

The wall tiles in your tub have been in place since the 80s. They are dull, the grout is cracked, and no matter how hard you scrub, the stains won’t go away. The chrome on the old faucets won’t shine up due to decades of wear and scratches. But there is no need to actually have the entire tub and shower destroyed and put in a dumpster.

Today’s one-day bathroom remodel process simply drops a new tub shell and wall panels over the existing fixtures. Just like that, you have walls that mimic the look of marble and a shiny new tub free of scratches and stains. It’s possible to add a new rain shower head, too.

5. A Quick Trip to the Linen Store for the Win

Now that you have a new mirror, bright lights, a vanity with drawers that work, fresh floor tiles, and a shiny tub enclosure, it’s time to add a pop of trending color. Take a trip to your favorite bed and bath design store and load up on coordinated rugs, curtains, towels, and a few trinkets for your shelves. Hang a plant, light a candle, and sink into your new tub overflowing with scented bubbles.

One Phone Call Can Make It All Happen with a One-Day Bathroom Remodel

Does it seem like those 5 quick steps would be time-consuming? It doesn’t have to be. Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH can tackle the entire job and have it done in under 48 hours with our One Day Bathroom Remodel Program. Demolition is minimal or non-existent. A dedicated team of bathroom professionals tackles all the carpentry, installation, and plumbing in a single day. After we are done, you may need to wait up to 24 hours to let adhesives dry…and then you can move right in!

A Local Ohio Bathroom Design Center Packed with All the Fixtures and Fittings You Need

When you work with us, there is no need to make trips to the bathroom fixture store, the flooring store, and yet another to your local home improvement center. Our expansive catalog and showroom are loaded with all the items needed to breathe new life into your tired space. You can do this!

Yes, you get a completely refreshed and contemporary bathroom that did not need a month of inconvenience. And our process is often priced far below a complete down-to-the-studs remodel.

If it’s time to banish your old bathroom gremlins for good, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design to schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation and estimate today.

What Not To Do When You Remodel Your Bathroom

What Not To Do When You Remodel Your Bathroom

by Columbus Bath Design |March 15, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom in your Lewis Center home has seen better days. It is time for a full bathroom renovation, so you can retire the chipped tiles, leaking faucets, and a toilet the color of dead roses. But how do you avoid making costly mistakes?

At Columbus Bath Design, we’ve seen every pitfall imaginable. These are some of the most common errors homeowners make before they call in the professionals.

Buying Your Fixtures Before You Begin

It is so tempting to pick up that gorgeous soaker tub that is on deep discount at the home improvement center. But will it fit in your compact bathroom?

Before you even order the wall paint, you need to have a measured floor plan that includes the size and position of all your fixtures. There must be clearance left for the shower door, your knees when sitting on the toilet, and even enough elbow room to reach the toilet paper holder.

It is best to wait on the major purchases until the demo is complete, your plumbing is in its final position, and you have hard numbers for the items that you need.

Move the Location of the Toilet or Tub

Did you know that if you really want the tub under the window instead of in the corner, you are possibly opening up a complicated and expensive can of worms? The plumbing will need to be moved. That can translate into restructuring floor supports, creating a new plumbing stack, and even visits from engineers. You can see the budget for your small project triple or quadruple in short order.

Splurge on Trending Tech Toys

Oh, that heated toilet seat with motion activation sensors and lights would be so cool! However, most homeowners find that those super awesome upgrades you find in 5-star spa retreats often get mothballed after a few months or end up needing costly maintenance.

If your bathroom handles all the traffic in your home for the entire family, opting for tried-and-true fixtures is a more durable and budget-friendly choice.

Forget About the Exhaust Fan and Light

The lack of ventilation is the most common cause of mold growth in bathrooms. Even if you have an old fan in the bathroom, it may not meet modern building codes. Your new fan and light should vent directly outside, not into your attic space. It should be activated by a wall switch and operate anytime somebody is using the bathroom.

Good ventilation protects your investment in that stunning bathroom remodel.

Install a Wet Room without a Professional

The open-concept bathroom is hot and trending in the remodeling world. However, if you decide to go for a walk-in shower without a door and did not hire a professional bathroom fitter for the job, you could end up with significant water damage under your floors.

Wet rooms demand that the entire floor of the bathroom be gently sloped so that water will run toward the floor drain in the shower. The waterproof layer that goes down under your flooring must be expanded farther into the bathroom.

Eager homeowners that try to do this design themselves often discover serious damage to their homes long after the tile grout dried.

Cheap Out on Wall and Flooring Materials

Did you know that building materials designed for use in bathrooms are specially fabricated for wet environments? That is why you pay a little more for wallboard, flooring, and tiles. If you think that using regular materials will net the same result, you can end up spending twice the cost of your budget renovation in repairs down the road.

Selecting Today’s Hottest Color

Every year there is a hot new shade of blue, yellow, or green that everyone wants to add to their home decor. However, the 1970s did teach us that using those colors in the bathroom can have a lasting negative impact on your home value. Unless this is your forever home, stick to neutral shades of off-white and white for your fixtures. They will roll with changing tastes in decor over the decades. Leave the bright shades for your towels and rugs.

Become an Overnight Social Media Sensation

So, you don’t have a lot of experience fixing up the house, but changing out the toilet doesn’t look that hard. You set up your camera and start recording your weekend while you tackle this supposedly simple job. Now your kids are sharing your mishaps with their friends and the neighbors are laughing.

And you still don’t have a functioning bathroom.

Save Your Sanity and Your Bathroom: Call Columbus Bath Design for Help

There is a way to avoid all these common pitfalls of bathroom remodels. Work with the pros! At Columbus Bath Design, we have the people, skills, and all the latest design choices to create a stunning bathroom without making a single mistake. Your only job is to approve the finishes and sit back and watch. In many cases, we can complete a full remodel in a single day. Located in nearby Lewis Center, OH, we handle every detail from plumbing to tiles and carpentry,

Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation and look forward to your new bathroom with confidence instead of fear.

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Bathroom Space

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Bathroom Space

by Columbus Bath Design |February 28, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Design, Bathroom Maintenance, Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom tips

Does your bathroom make you frown and grumble every day when you take a shower? It might be time to tackle a bathroom renovation. At Columbus Bath Design, we offer complete design and installation services for the great Findlay, OH area.

Before you start ripping out your old dingy tiles, take a moment to review our top tips for creating a bathroom that will provide comfort and a relaxing retreat for many years in the future.

Who will use the new bathroom?

First, create a picture of who will make the most use of the new space. The kids won’t need an extra large vanity, but they will need a tub. Think about towel rungs positioned at a height where everyone can reach.

How big is the bathroom?

You won’t be able to squeeze a full bathroom under the front stairs. The average square footage for a half bath or powder room is between 16 and 20 sq. ft. A full bath typically requires about 36 to 40 sq. ft. A space in between may be able to fit in a small shower.

A Floorplan that Leaves Room for Doors, Knees, and Elbows

Plot out the location of each fixture. You need about 30 inches from the center of the toilet seat to the side of the vanity or tub. Remember to leave at least two feet in front of the toilet for space to stand up and turn around.

How is the door opening? Will it block the closet or another fixture? A sliding door can be a good option.

One Sink or Two for the Vanity

Is this bathroom designed as an en suite to the main bedroom? Are you always fighting over the mirror in the morning? A dual-sink vanity with a wide mirror can solve that problem. But remember to add shelves and drawers to store your toiletries, too.

Selecting a Walk-in Shower, Soaking Tub, or a Traditional Combo

Roomy walk-in showers are rapidly replacing the old shower/tub combination in many contemporary homes. If you never take long soaks on Saturday afternoons, a shower means you never have to step over the high rim of an unwanted bathtub. In an expansive bathroom, you might be able to fit a soaking tub along with the separate shower.

Lights for Bathing, Checking Your Hair, and Safer Nighttime Visits

When upgrading a bathroom first built in 1970 or earlier, take a good look at the existing lighting plan and make upgrades. There should be an exhaust fan with a light in the shower enclosure. An overhead light with a wall switch makes it easy for everyone to see. Pendant or mirror lights help you to put on your makeup. Motion-activated under-cabinet lights provide a soft glow for midnight trips.

Introducing Natural Sunlight without a Window

If at all possible, include a window or sun-tube in your bathroom plans. Natural sunlight includes ultraviolet rays that kill mold spores and help to dry out the room between visits. A window also offers a chance to bring in fresh air during the warm season.

Soft Vinyl Flooring for Small Toes

There is no need to settle for cold ceramic or stone floors anymore. Today’s luxury vinyl plank flooring is water-resistant, easy to install, long-lasting, and is soft and warm underfoot. Better yet, it is available in a huge variety of looks including wood grain, stone look-alike, and colorful tile patterns. You can even add underfloor radiant heat with a vinyl floor.

Choosing Neutral Tiles, Fixtures, and Floors

It might be tempting to select fixtures or flooring that use the latest bold designer color, but remember that the majority of bathrooms are around for 18 years before they get a major renovation. The sink, toilet, and bath are likely to stick around for another 20 years after that. By using traditional white or off-white for the big pieces, home decor trends can come and go without demanding another bathroom renovation.

Pops of Color Come with Your Linens and Accessories

How do you brighten up the bathroom design if you ordered neutral finishes? Turn to window curtains, bath mats, towels, and countertop storage to introduce style and color. Hang a plant and a picture. Wall paint colors are also easily updated. Don’t worry, your neutral palette will not look boring or ordinary once you go shopping.

Is a One-Day Bathroom Refresh What You Really Need?

If your current bathroom floor plan actually functions well, but you are frustrated with leaking faucets, a toilet that never shuts off, and a cracked or chipped tub, a one-day bathroom renovation may be the answer to your prayers. The fixtures can be updated or replaced, a fresh floor laid, and the old tiles brightened up without ripping out the walls and the plumbing.

This approach can save you thousands and weeks, turning the imposing project into a one-day wonder.

Give the Pros a Call to Kickstart Your Bathroom Update Today

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of a one-day bathroom renovation compared to a traditional approach? Contact us at Columbus Bath Design and discuss all the options to find the approach that best fits your timeline, budget, and expectations. We look forward to working with you.

5 Simple Solutions For Your Bathroom Design Problems

How Long Should a Bathroom Renovation Take?

by Columbus Bath Design |January 30, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling

Your old bathroom just makes you unhappy from cracked floor tiles to a bathtub that is showing its age. Just how long would it take to make it all new again? You can have a wall-to-wall bathroom renovation done in the greater Lewis Center, OH area in one day. But if you are making big changes to the floorplan, that can take weeks.

One Day or One Month Bathroom Renovation: Which is Right for You?

One day sounds awful tempting, but before you agree to that plan, what do you expect to happen to your bathroom?

What Can be Done in a Single Day Update?

  • New Vanity: Finally, you can upgrade to a beautiful solid wood vanity with two sinks, extra drawers, and a look that works with your home decor.
  • Update the Bath or Shower Enclosure: A one-day renovation uses quality wall panels and a drop-in tub enclosure that instantly covers your chipped, faded, and stained old fixtures. Everything looks fresh and new in a matter of hours.
  • Flooring: New vinyl flooring can be installed over your existing tile that is flat and in good condition. Banish that 1960s green or gold for good.
  • Backsplash Tiles: Protect your walls and add a little sizzle with mosaic tile panels that dress up the back of your vanity.
  • Change Out the Light Fixtures: Take out the dated brass lights and bring in some industrial ones that match your contemporary vibe.
  • Replace the Toilet: You want your tub, sink, and toilet to match. All of your fixtures will finally have the same color.

Why is a One-Day Bathroom Renovation a Smart Choice for You?

  • Update Your Decor: Bathrooms often reflect the era in which the house is built. You can finally retire that twenty-year-old beige and breathe new life into the space.
  • Replace Leaking Faucets: Tired of fighting with a toilet that is always running, a shower that drips, and faucets that won’t close? It’ll all be new in a single day.
  • Cabinets and Drawers that Close: Do you have to wiggle your vanity drawer to close it or cabinet doors that swing open? A new vanity gives you all the storage you want with hardware that actually works.
  • Flooring Ready for the Next Decade: You hate that old floor tile, but ripping it out is a hassle. Today’s one-day flooring solutions make that irritating floor vanish and deliver a soft, durable surface that complements the rest of your home.
  • Minimal Disruption to Your Home and Family: You keep reading one day. Yes, instead of vacating one of your bathrooms for weeks at a time, it will only be out of commission for 24 hours.
  • Budget-Friendly Option: Since your one-day refresh does not need new pipes, wiring, or walls, you will save big over a full down-to-the-studs bathroom renovation.

What Happens When You Want to Move Plumbing and Change the Floorplan?

When you envision an enlarged spa to complement your main bedroom, you are probably looking at a more significant bathroom update. Once you need to relocate drains and add extra lights, you are adding serious demolition and time to the project.

Expect a stud-to-stud renovation to take several weeks from demolition to hanging new curtains in the windows. What is the big difference between this and a one-day makeover?

  • Total Demolition: A crew will come in to pull out all the old fixtures, dismount the lights, and tear out every surface. Demolition and clean-up to prepare for construction will last one to three days.
  • Rough-in of Pipes and Wires: A licensed plumber and electrician will come in to add pipes and boxes so that your new soaker tub can be positioned in front of the picture window while drop and make-up lights bring new brilliance to the space. The rough-in can happen in one day to a full week, depending on the design.
  • Leveling and Laying the Floor: Since the old tile floor has been tossed in a dumpster, your contractor must start from scratch. New subfloors are nailed down and leveled. Your new ceramic or vinyl floor is installed on top. Expect the process to take three to five days.
  • Toilet, Shower, and Vanity: The major fixtures are installed. Add one more day. If your vanity will have a custom stone countertop, that is another day.
  • Enclosures and Painting: Next, the wall panels and doors are installed or tile added to your tub and shower enclosures. The backsplash is added to the vanity. Wall panels may go in with the tub install, but tiling will add another week to the process. Painting drywall needs two to three days.
  • New Lights and Exhaust Fans: Finally, your electrician returns to connect your new lighting fixtures, the jetted tub, and speaker system.

Last of all, if you are organizing this major home improvement project on your own, you will be coordinating all the different vendors and trying to get their schedules in sync. It is not unusual to have several days when nothing happens as your plumber is called away to an emergency.

Work with the Professionals for the Best Results for Either Project

Columbus Bath Design offers you the flexibility of speedy one-day service or the option to go all-in for a true custom home spa experience. If you want to change things up, our team offers all the services needed for a complete job while minimizing the disruption to your life. Give us a call to explore your bathroom renovation ideas today.

What are the benefits of having a tiled shower?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Tiled Shower?

by Columbus Bath Design |January 15, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling, Tiled Shower

Are you considering adding a tiled shower to your bathroom renovation plans? Columbus Bath Design is happy to help you make your final design selection and tackle the installation. Here is why we love using tile in the shower.

Easy to Clean and Resists Water Damage

The glossy shine on your tiles provides a durable water-resistant barrier. Just use a soft sponge to wipe up soap scum, water spots, and those stubborn mildew stains. No matter how many showers your family takes in one day, your tiles will never get waterlogged. Even after years of use and neglect, you can restore the original beauty of the tiles with a good scrubbing.

No Off-Gassing After Installation

Unlike some acrylic and plastic shower wall panels, ceramic and stone tiles will not bring any chemical odors into your home. The grout and mortar used to fix the tiles in place fully cure in just a single week, leaving a safe and healthy bathroom ready for your children to use with confidence. Some plastics continue to off-gas for weeks or even months.

Tiles Stand Up to Decades of Daily Use

Just how long can you expect a tiled shower to last before you will need to replace cracked or damaged tiles? The tiles should remain in top shape until you are ready to sell the house or redesign the bathroom again–whether that is in five or 50 years.

Think about your grandmother’s home that she grew up in, and it still has the same tile in the bathroom. While pipes, faucets, and toilets will wear out and need upgrading after 10 or 20 years, your tiles will continue to perform just as they did when installed. Archeologists continue to dig up ceramic tiles that are 2,000 years old in Roman and Egyptian sites. This will likely be the last time that you have to lay down tile until you are ready to change out the look of your decor choices.

Timeless Design Choice Brings Value to Your Home

When you add a beautiful mosaic tile or subway tile in white or off-white to your shower, it will easily complement changes in trending decor. Whether you end up living in your home for 20 years or move on in just a couple of years, potential buyers will see your tiled bathroom as an attractive benefit that requires little or no updating.

Your bathroom renovation will maintain its value for many years as you update the rugs, towels, and shower curtains.

Endless Color and Material Choices

Perhaps the most common reason that homeowners select tile as the preferred finish for their shower enclosures is its huge array of available colors, sizes, and shapes. You can find the perfect match to your toilet and sink or bring some glamor into the space when you go bold.

Traditional Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are manufactured in squares sized from 1/4 inch to 18 inches. This allows you to create a tile pattern that perfectly fits any size shower enclosure while bringing your own style to the project.

Colors include every shade in the rainbow along with traditional white, beige, and black hues.

Ceramic tiles are easily cut to fit on-site by your installer using a tile-cutting tool. There is no need to send out your tiles to be fitted for your design.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is growing in popularity for custom luxury bathroom installations. Their stunning surface mimics the look of marble or stone in a single glossy surface cut to the precise dimensions of your walls and counters. Like traditional tiles, it is a waterproof surface that will last for years. The final look has far fewer grout lines for a seamless appearance that complements modern spa decor.

Creating a Custom Stone Shower

Do you dream of a wet room bathroom? Take the concept to the next level with stone tile floors and walls that introduce more natural elements to your open shower experience. Stone tiles demand regular sealing to prevent water stains, but the result is stunning.

Customizing Your Entire Bathroom by Coordinating Tiles, Countertops, and Floors

A tiled shower is easily coordinated to support the other decor choices you made for the rest of the bathroom remodel. Find the perfect tile that echoes your new vinyl floor, the custom granite countertop, and even your half-tiled walls. There is no need to make do or accept a mismatched tile. Tiles leave more control in your hands.

Kickstart Your Bathroom Renovation Today

Would you like to explore all the available options for tiling your new shower? Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design to schedule your initial consultation. We are happy to provide samples and images, so you can make a final choice and get your Lewis Center, OH project underway.

How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

by Columbus Bath Design |December 30, 2022 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling

How do you make your dated bathroom look like it belongs in the 21st century without taking the space down to the studs? When you want to simply update the room and keep your budget under control, Columbus Bath Design offers a wide variety of options, some which don’t even require hiring a contractor.

One-Day Bathroom Remodels Breathe New Life into an Aging Space

A one-day bathroom remodel we offer is surprisingly more affordable than you might expect, and it will banish those 1970s tiles into oblivion in a short time.

You determine just how many surfaces will get replaced but your floor, walls, and tub can look like new. Fresh new panels that look like marble or stone, soft updated flooring, and even new shower taps will make it all shine. It’s your one-click solution to a frustrating home design challenge.

But, if you only want to tackle smaller projects in your journey to update the space, consider some of these more manageable tasks.

Retire the Curtain with a Glass Shower Door

Add a shower door to your tub and put the drab shower curtain out in the trash. Glass gives the room a crisp and cleaner look, much more like popular washroom designs.

Replacing or Painting the Dated Tile

The color of your ceramic wall tiles anchors the bathroom to a particular decade. Whether we are talking rose, green, or yellow, it all needs to be erased to liven up the room.

There are ceramic tile paint kits that can turn it all into white or soothing gray. It is also possible to replace the tiles with subway tiles or large pieces of travertine. Since the style of tubs and toilets rarely change, addressing the tile will do a lot to bring modern appeal to the room.

Update the Flooring

The cracked linoleum or vinyl flooring also reflects the era of when the house was built. Many floating floors can be installed over your existing floor and offer popular looks like stone, wood, and timeless geometric patterns.

A New Vanity that Complements Trending Decor

Does your vanity belong to a different era? Raised panel doors, wrought iron handles, and honey oak were all done by the year 2000. If your walls and tiles have a neutral tone that works well with today’s decor, changing the vanity can provide the final polish. Simple clean lines, brushed nickel faucets, and a solid surface countertop with attractive veining brings the whole room up to speed. Best of all, this update takes just an hour or two.

Paneled Shower Enclosures are Fast and Provide Instant Pop

Shower panels are one of the easiest ways to banish scratched, faded, cracked, and even stained walls. Available in a wide range of colors and appearances, they can mimic the look of a walk-in stone shower and take only an afternoon to install. It’s like getting a whole new shower, and you don’t have to knock a single wall down.

Drop-in Tub Surrounds

How do you hide the crazed cracking lines in the ancient porcelain tub? An acrylic tub surround slips over the existing tub and instantly creates a soothing soaking oasis. The drop-in unit is just as durable as the old tub surface and once the professionals are done installing all the trim pieces, you can’t even tell anything happened. Gone are the moldy grout lines that you just can’t scrub clean and the stubborn stains.

Freshen Up the Paint

After you have updated some of the major items like the shower and floor, it’s time to brighten up the space with a gallon of fresh paint. Pull down the old wallpaper, patch the holes left by the kids, and apply a clean coat of light gray, warm yellow, or crisp white.

Modern Lights Put a Spotlight on Your Spa

From the lights surrounding your mirror to the exhaust fan in the shower, lighting design also changes with the times. Don’t forget to retire the cut-glass globes for ones that match your new vanity and door hardware. New LED bulbs will help to lower your electric bill at the same time for an added bonus.

New Towels, Rugs, and Curtains Enliven Your Design

Finally, when was the last time that you bought a matching set of towels for the bathroom? The linens that were a wedding gift will have hues that now look out of place. Modernize the bathroom with a fresh suite of rugs, curtains, and towels. Change up the countertop items, too, like the toothbrush holder and soap dish. A quick visit to the store will cost less than $200 and introduce a modern twist to your bathroom.

Whether you are planning to tackle one or all of our recommended updates, when you are ready to bring your old bathroom into the modern era, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our design professionals will be happy to help select flooring, tiles, surrounds, and finishes to create a bathroom that welcomes you home at the end of a busy day.

Five Ways A Bathroom Renovation Can Improve Your Life

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Are you thinking about updating your bathroom, but don’t want to deal with all the mess and upheaval just so it looks better? At Columbus Bath Design, we often perform a one-day refresh for tired bathrooms in the Lewis Center, OH area lending them a more contemporary appearance. But if you are frustrated by more than just outdated tile and a rose porcelain tub, a renovation could help you to love one of the busiest rooms in the house once again.

Two Sinks for Stress-Free MorningsBathroom Renovation

How many times have you bumped elbows with your spouse while brushing teeth and putting on makeup? Do the kids fight every morning over who is in the way? By replacing the sink with a dual-sink vanity, you take away a stress point from daily ablutions. This simple upgrade should not demand the addition of an extra drain. Many two-in-one vanities tie the drain from both sinks and direct the water down the existing pipe.

A larger vanity also opens up opportunities for added storage for towels, toilet paper, and toiletries. There would no longer be a need to head out to the hall closet for supplies. Changing the vanity will also encourage you to opt for a larger or second mirror. Remember to improve the wall lighting to eradicate those annoying shadows that always slow down your morning shave.

A Safe and Rejuvenating Bath or Shower

Whether you are getting a little older, have toddlers, or just find it difficult to climb into your tub for a quick wash, a bathroom renovation can replace that traditional tub with a walk-in shower or bath. Many people prefer a quick shower anyway. When your muscles ache, and you are tired at the end of a rough day, a walk-in design eliminates trip hazards and makes it easy for your guests to enjoy a refreshing wash. We can also add grab bars that blend in with your design and no-slip flooring.

A safer bathroom does not have to look like one found in a hospital or rehab facility.

Ease Aching Muscles with a Power Jet Tub or Shower

From high school athletes to workers in the trades to joints that suffer from arthritis, a jetted tub or power shower head with massaging pulses helps to ease pain at the end of the day. The best time to install a whirlpool or jetted tub is during a full renovation, as any changes to your plumbing and wiring will be completely hidden as you finish the job with fresh paint. Even if you aren’t recovering from a weekend run, those soothing bubbles make a fantastic addition to a night of self-care.

Eliminate Lingering Plumbing, Electrical, and Mold Problems

Does your sink make you mad every day as you have to wiggle the knob to shut off the constant drip? Perhaps one of the switches on the wall makes the lights flicker overhead. Are you always scrubbing around the toilet and cannot get rid of that black ring?

A bathroom renovation is a perfect chance to finally banish all those fixtures that don’t work quite as they should. But it doesn’t mean that you have to take the room back to the studs. Now is the time for your electrician to add a GFCI-protected outlet by the vanity that can prevent shorts and shocks. Any damage they do to the wall will be immediately fixed with a fresh tile or paint job.

If you own an older home, those may still be copper connections under the vanity. Changing old copper pipes out to PVC makes it easier for you or a plumber to repair any future problems with the pipes or the faucets. Also, the cost of replacing pipes will be less when the plumber is also adding connections for a new walk-in shower.

While ceramic tiles will always scrub clean even after decades of use, the grout will lose its water resistance and become a home for mold and mildew. Since you are replacing the fixtures, it is likely that you may need to do repairs or replace the existing floors. Finally, you can banish the stale odors and unsightly stains.

Save Water to Lower Your Bills and Care for the Earth

Did you know that toilets are often the last fixture to be replaced in a bathroom renovation? That is because it is near impossible to damage one beyond use and the porcelain will almost never lose its like-new shine. However, an old toilet uses six gallons of water with every flush. In a family of four, the toilet flushes an average of 25 to 40 times a day, using up to 85,000 gallons a year. Modern water-efficient toilets use just 1.6 gallons per flush, lowering your water usage to about 22,000 gallons per year. Whether you are on a well or city water, that can cut your water bill by half.

Modern shower heads and even faucets also offer water-efficient options, further lowering the stress your home puts on the local water supply.

Contact Columbus Bath Design for a Bathroom Renovation Estimate Today

As you can see, a remodel is not just about dressing up an old bathroom with a 21st-century design. It’s about making it work for your lifestyle. If you would like to know more about how a bathroom renovation can improve the quality of your family’s life, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design for a personalized consultation.

The Benefits of a Wood Bathroom Design

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Did you just return from a weekend escape to a luxury hotel or resort and miss that bathroom finished out in wood? There were softly gleaming walls, a highly polished two-sink vanity, and knotted floors. Is a bathroom full of wood finishes right for your home? More and more homeowners are making it happen.

Wooden Bathroom

Wood Bathroom Design: A Trending Choice for Today’s Home

The warm, natural tones of wood make it a timeless option for home decor, no matter in what decade you were born. After spending the past ten years living with interior designs in shades of gray, white, and metallic accents, you may be searching for a more natural look for a bathroom that welcomes you to relax, breathe deep, and spend time decompressing. Wood used as a material for walls, floors, cabinetry, and even tubs is a growing trend that embraces the past and the future.

The Soft Feel Of Wood Under Your Fingers and Toes Appeals to Everyone

Are the surfaces in your current bathroom cold and hard? Tile, porcelain, and stone may be durable and functional, but they struggle to create a warm oasis perfect for a long soak.

A wood bathroom floor gives your toes something soft and warmer to step on after a hot shower. A butcher block countertop adds a natural element to your morning toilet. Exposed wood beams in the ceiling lend a rustic appeal to your lakeside cabin.

Calming Aroma of Natural Wood Adds a Positive Element to Your Bathing Experience

Some of the more common woods used in wet applications include cedar, teak, and hinoki. Not only do these woods feature naturally occurring resins that help to fight off rot, but they also emit a spicy scent. Do you smile whenever you open your grandmother’s linen closet? That happy scent memory probably features the smell of cedar. Imagine adding that aroma to your morning shower without the use of sprays, oils, or chemicals.

Which Woods Work Well in Bathroom Design

You are sold! You can’t wait to create an ensuite that wraps you in the organic look and feel of wood. Can you chop down an old pine tree and use the lumber for floors? No, not really. Durable hardwoods such as oak and maple are a better option but come with some maintenance challenges.

Teak is the preferred choice and has become less expensive and more readily available in recent years. It has graced the deck of boats and yachts for centuries. It features a dense grain and natural resins that provide water-resistant properties. Cedar is another good choice and can be found as domestic lumber in America. The Japanese have used hinoki wood for their ofuro soaking tubs for thousands of years.

However, you can use even soft pine to craft a custom vanity that will not be subjected to regular soakings when it is properly sealed and protected from moisture.

Can Wood Last as Long as Traditional Bathroom Finishes?

Will a wood bathroom design begin to rot in just a year or two? No, it won’t unless you make an effort to ignore daily cleaning and maintenance. When properly sealed and maintained, a hardwood floor can last up to 25 years in a bathroom. Wood cladding used for walls and ceilings can last decades longer.

Controlling the humidity in the bathroom is important to prevent premature aging. An exhaust fan will reduce excess moisture that can soak into the grain of the wood and cause expansion and warping. Wiping up water spots on the floor helps to maintain the seal. At the same time, a desert climate could allow the wood to dry too much which leads to cracks. In those instances adding a humidifier may be recommended.

Will a wood countertop outlast a tile version? Not likely. But it should retain its elegant appearance and function until it is time for the next bathroom renovation.

Where Can You Use Wood in a Bathroom Design?

If you imagine a European-spa-inspired space for your bathroom, it may feature walls and even a ceiling finished in wood. Is that possible? Yes!

Ceiling and Walls Wrap You in Soothing Organic Tones

When properly sealed and cleaned, your bathroom ceiling can feature chunky exposed beams or polished panels. While the ceiling may get splashed now and then, it rarely gets soaked. The same applies to the walls outside the shower. Although, refer back to the Scandinavian sauna tradition, and you will see that you can enclose your bath or shower in aromatic lumber.

Modern Flooring Options

Contemporary trends for home flooring have introduced the beauty and durability of engineered hardwoods. While the surface is the same oak, maple, or bamboo appearance that you love in older homes, the hidden support structure is better designed to withstand the constant changes in moisture and temperature associated with bathrooms.

Soaking Tubs and Steamy Showers

If you ever traveled to Japan and experienced a deep soak in an ofuro, you probably wondered at its wooden construction. Yes, you can build a bathtub entirely from wood. The extra moisture from filling it with water helps the seams to swell and seal. A quick wash every week and careful maintenance to remove potential splinters bring you a unique and traditional bathing experience. Wood walls in the shower? That can happen, too.

Schedule an Appointment to Plan Your Timeless and Elegant Wood Bathroom

Now that you know it can happen, our team of professionals at Columbus Bath Design are here to make it all come true. Bring your vision for a stunning new bath, and we will work with you to execute a plan from start to finish. Call us today for your personal in-home consultation.

What Is the Best Color to Paint a Bathroom?

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Do you want to give your bathroom a new look? If so, you might be thinking about adding a fresh coat of paint. When you take a look at the options, it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many colors available that you may not know exactly what to choose.

Keep in mind that there is no single best option when it comes to a color for your bathroom. This is always a matter of personal preference; however, you do need to think carefully about several important factors before you decide what color to paint your bathroom. What do you need to know?

Always Start by Washing the Walls

White Ship Lapped Bathroom

Before you paint the bathroom, you have to get a clear picture of what you are dealing with. Therefore, you should wash the walls and wait for them to dry. As you look at your bathroom, you are probably envisioning what it will look like; however, if there are a bunch of stains on the walls, this might be difficult to do.

If you have recently purchased a house, then there could be mildew on the bathroom walls. This could require a special solution to get off. If you are concerned about the appearance of your bathroom walls, you may want to reach out to a professional who can clean them for you. That way, you can get a better idea of what your bathroom truly looks like.

Consider the Color of the Next Room

Even though you are free to paint your bathroom any color you want, you do need to think about the room next door. For example, your bathroom might be attached to a bedroom. If that is the case, think about the color of your bedroom, as you may want to paint your bathroom a similar color. If the bathroom is attached to the living room, then you may want the bathroom color to be relatively close to the living room.

Before you decide which colors to choose, you may want to play with some online tools. That way, you can figure out what colors match and which don’t. You can also get used to the color wheel, which can help you make up your mind.

Neutral Tones Are Always a Safe Bet

If you don’t have a specific color in mind, then you might want to reach for neutral tones. A lot of people decide to go with neutral tones in the bathroom because they will match just about anything. For example, a lot of people like agreeable gray or mindful gray. These are two specific colors that tend to work well in a lot of bathrooms.

If you think that neutral tones are a bit boring, there are plenty of ways you can spice this up. For example, you may want to add an accent wall to the bathroom. Or, you may want to introduce color to the bathroom using a few accessories.

Consider the Finish of the Paint

After you figure out what color you want to use, you need to think about the finish. If you are looking for something that will truly shine, then you may want to go with a satin finish. Satin is incredibly durable and easy to clean. Therefore, this is a great choice for the bathroom because it will make it easier for you to clean the walls without damaging them.

If your bathroom already gets a lot of natural light, then satin may be too bright. If that is the case, you may want to go with an eggshell finish. Even though eggshell is not necessarily as durable as satin, it will still work well in the bathroom. There are other finishes as well, so you may want to talk to a professional painter to learn more.

Think About the Moisture in the Bathroom

If you have made a decision regarding what color and what finish you want to use, you need to think about the moisture in the bathroom. Of course, your bathroom is going to be a very wet place. You need to make sure the paint can stand up to this type of wear and tear.

Some companies have a better reputation than others when it comes to moisture. If moisture is going to damage your paint, you need to go with a different option. No matter what type of paint you use, you need to wait a little while before you run the shower. Allow the paint to dry before you start using the bathroom.

Consider Whether the Paint Will Fade

Finally, you should also think about whether the paint is going to fade with time. If your bathroom gets a lot of natural sunlight, UV radiation could damage the paint. Even though the paint looks vibrant right now, it may not look the same way in a few years.

You need to make sure you protect the paint accordingly. A professional painter should be able to help you do that. Paint can go a long way toward increasing the value of your home, but you must protect your work accordingly.

Contact the Professional Team at Columbus Bath Design

Even though you may feel like you can paint the bathroom on your own, you will always get better results if you decide to go with a professional team. If you are looking for experts who can help you paint your bathroom, it would be our pleasure to assist you.

We are Columbus Bath Design, and we have painted bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We have also used a wide variety of color schemes. We are confident that we can help you paint your bathroom as well.

If you want your bathroom to look beautiful, contact us today! We will walk with you every step of the way during the bathroom redesign process.