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Tiled Shower

What are the benefits of having a tiled shower?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Tiled Shower?

by Columbus Bath Design |January 15, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling, Tiled Shower

Are you considering adding a tiled shower to your bathroom renovation plans? Columbus Bath Design is happy to help you make your final design selection and tackle the installation. Here is why we love using tile in the shower.

Easy to Clean and Resists Water Damage

The glossy shine on your tiles provides a durable water-resistant barrier. Just use a soft sponge to wipe up soap scum, water spots, and those stubborn mildew stains. No matter how many showers your family takes in one day, your tiles will never get waterlogged. Even after years of use and neglect, you can restore the original beauty of the tiles with a good scrubbing.

No Off-Gassing After Installation

Unlike some acrylic and plastic shower wall panels, ceramic and stone tiles will not bring any chemical odors into your home. The grout and mortar used to fix the tiles in place fully cure in just a single week, leaving a safe and healthy bathroom ready for your children to use with confidence. Some plastics continue to off-gas for weeks or even months.

Tiles Stand Up to Decades of Daily Use

Just how long can you expect a tiled shower to last before you will need to replace cracked or damaged tiles? The tiles should remain in top shape until you are ready to sell the house or redesign the bathroom again–whether that is in five or 50 years.

Think about your grandmother’s home that she grew up in, and it still has the same tile in the bathroom. While pipes, faucets, and toilets will wear out and need upgrading after 10 or 20 years, your tiles will continue to perform just as they did when installed. Archeologists continue to dig up ceramic tiles that are 2,000 years old in Roman and Egyptian sites. This will likely be the last time that you have to lay down tile until you are ready to change out the look of your decor choices.

Timeless Design Choice Brings Value to Your Home

When you add a beautiful mosaic tile or subway tile in white or off-white to your shower, it will easily complement changes in trending decor. Whether you end up living in your home for 20 years or move on in just a couple of years, potential buyers will see your tiled bathroom as an attractive benefit that requires little or no updating.

Your bathroom renovation will maintain its value for many years as you update the rugs, towels, and shower curtains.

Endless Color and Material Choices

Perhaps the most common reason that homeowners select tile as the preferred finish for their shower enclosures is its huge array of available colors, sizes, and shapes. You can find the perfect match to your toilet and sink or bring some glamor into the space when you go bold.

Traditional Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are manufactured in squares sized from 1/4 inch to 18 inches. This allows you to create a tile pattern that perfectly fits any size shower enclosure while bringing your own style to the project.

Colors include every shade in the rainbow along with traditional white, beige, and black hues.

Ceramic tiles are easily cut to fit on-site by your installer using a tile-cutting tool. There is no need to send out your tiles to be fitted for your design.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is growing in popularity for custom luxury bathroom installations. Their stunning surface mimics the look of marble or stone in a single glossy surface cut to the precise dimensions of your walls and counters. Like traditional tiles, it is a waterproof surface that will last for years. The final look has far fewer grout lines for a seamless appearance that complements modern spa decor.

Creating a Custom Stone Shower

Do you dream of a wet room bathroom? Take the concept to the next level with stone tile floors and walls that introduce more natural elements to your open shower experience. Stone tiles demand regular sealing to prevent water stains, but the result is stunning.

Customizing Your Entire Bathroom by Coordinating Tiles, Countertops, and Floors

A tiled shower is easily coordinated to support the other decor choices you made for the rest of the bathroom remodel. Find the perfect tile that echoes your new vinyl floor, the custom granite countertop, and even your half-tiled walls. There is no need to make do or accept a mismatched tile. Tiles leave more control in your hands.

Kickstart Your Bathroom Renovation Today

Would you like to explore all the available options for tiling your new shower? Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design to schedule your initial consultation. We are happy to provide samples and images, so you can make a final choice and get your Lewis Center, OH project underway.