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5 Simple Solutions For Your Bathroom Design Problems

5 Simple Solutions For Your Bathroom Design Problems

5 Simple Solutions For Your Bathroom Design Problems

February 15, 2023 | Bathroom Design

Most bathrooms built in homes around Findlay, OH come with one or more design problems. There never seems to be a place to hang a towel, you always seem to be fighting mold, or you wish for one more sink for the morning rush.

Columbus Bath Design is here to help with 5 easy and affordable upgrades to some of the most common bathroom design problems. Some of them you can do yourself!

1. An Exhaust Fan and Light Breathes Fresh Air Into Your Shower

Poor ventilation in older bathrooms is one of the most common complaints among homeowners. Even if you have a window, it isn’t open for most of the year when you live in Ohio. Add an exhaust fan with an integrated light into your shower enclosure and have it vented outside.

The air circulation dries out the bathroom after every shower, which helps to reduce the growth of mold and mildew. You will notice that the bathroom will smell fresher for longer and there will be less mold on the shower door. Better yet, the included light chases away shadows in the bath for a brighter morning wash.

This upgrade will likely run around a few hundred dollars and takes a licensed electrician just a few hours.

2. Stacked Towel Racks Provide a Spot for Everyone

Your family of four shares the main bathroom and you always have to swap out the towels each time you want to take a shower. Why did they only install one or two towel rings? Opt for a wall-mounted rack with four or five rungs arranged like a ladder. Hang it at a height where your youngest can reach their towel and Dad can get to his. There is a towel ready for everyone, and you can stop playing the shuffle game.

You don’t even have to hire a professional to install the new rack that you found at your favorite home improvement center.

3. Dual Sinks in Your Large Vanity Restores Morning Sanity

Are you always stepping on each other’s toes in the morning as you fight for the sink and mirror at the same time? If you have a large vanity, it is possible to switch out the countertop and sink for a dual sink design without a major plumbing job. The drains for the dual sinks run into the single existing drain from your previous sink. Replace the small oval mirror with one that matches the width of the vanity. Problem solved.

Replacing the sinks and mirrors is a one-day job when you work with your local bathroom design center. Choose the vanity and mirror that fit your style and budget. They will slide into place in just a few hours.

4. Adding Storage when They Forgot the Linen Closet

For some reason, the original builders of your home installed a floating vanity and built the linen closet into the hall. Where can you store extra toiletries, towels, and toilet paper within easy reach of somebody using the bathroom?

Change out the vanity for one with drawers and doors. Add shelving over the toilet. Hang baskets next to the shower entrance. Pop an open shelf or two by the mirror or switch the mirror out for a medicine chest. Suddenly, you have a place for razors, soap, paper goods, and towels right where you need them without knocking down the walls.

These upgrades can be achieved for as little as $20 and up to $1000 depending on the quality of the storage unit that you select.

5. Replace the Tub with a Walk-in Shower

The kids grew up and have their own homes, and you never take a soak in the tub. Why do you have to step over the tub rim and still struggle not to bump your elbows on the sliding shower door every morning?

Work with the pros and have the traditional tub and shower combo replaced with a walk-in shower. The inches used for the tub sides are free to turn into a large flat floor, which means there is more room for a good scrub under the rain showerhead. You could even add a few body jets for that spa experience.

In many instances, the renovation can be accomplished in a single day. You still get to choose the wall tiles and match the faucets and spouts to your existing hardware. Your beautiful floor tiles and the rest of the bathroom stay fully intact. And the cost? Much less than demolishing walls. Your budget will thank you for the savings over traditional construction.

Are you ready to turn your bathroom design problems into solutions? Give us a ring at Columbus Bath Design and our professional team will bring our creativity and experience to the table. Together we can address the most troubling areas of your bathroom, and often do it without a full demo and at a surprisingly affordable cost. We look forward to working with you soon.

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