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9 Tips To Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

9 Tips To Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

9 Tips To Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

September 7, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Congratulations! You are planning on the bathroom renovation of your dreams. How can you be sure you will get all the amenities you desire? At Columbus Bath Design, we recommend following these nine easy tips to create a plan that will work for you, your contractor, and the space. The result will be a spa worthy of lengthy soaks and family morning rituals.

Dream Big Before You Begin

Before you start facing the reality of square footage and affordability, let your imagination run wild. Picture the perfect bathroom oasis and write everything down. Do you dream of a jetted tub, lush hanging plants, serene candles, and acres of marble tile? Maybe you simply need an outlet by the vanity to plug in the razor. Record the little details and big ticket items.

While the final product may not be the total luxury getaway, you and your designer will have the chance to include elements on a smaller scale. The result is a bathroom that reflects your personal tastes and needs.

Establish the Size of the Bathroom and Your Budget

Next, determine the shape and dimensions allotted for the bathroom. The size will determine whether you end up with a snug three-piece or spacious four-piece bathroom. Don’t buy any fixtures before you know that it all will fit in the space.

Now you need to look at your finances. Determine your total maximum budget available for the job and then deduct 10%. This gives you the highest number you should consider for any estimates. That extra 10% is for the surprises that come with many home improvements like the need to replace wiring, structure, or even the heating ducts.

Providing your designer a hard high-end budget number means they can source materials that fit your budget and will minimize disappointments when you drool over an item that is simply not affordable.

Choose a Layout that Works for You

Sit down with your designer and some paper or even a measuring and masking tape. Determine where everything will fit in the new bathroom. Think about stepping out of the tub, turning around in front of the toilet, and closing the door. This process not only decides where everything goes but also the size of each fixture. Now you won’t be shopping for a two-person shower when you only have room for a smaller enclosure.

Shower, Tub, or Both?

While nearly every home in the last century featured a tub and shower combination, times are changing. Do you ever take a soak in a tub? Then why install one in your bathroom? If you always come home for a bath, perhaps you don’t need a large walk-in shower, but just a smaller one will do. The traditional tub and shower combo still works, but is it what you really want?

A Bigger Vanity Serves You Well in the Future

Anybody who has lived with a bathroom built in the early half of the last century knows the problems that come with an elegant pedestal sink. They look great, but where do you put down the tube of toothpaste or your hairbrush? Even in a smaller bathroom opt for as large a vanity as possible. If you are restricted to a pedestal design, look at where to add shelves, so you have function that supports the decor.

Where will the towels go? What about extra rolls of TP? Drawers and closets are necessary, even if you are dreaming of an open wet-room plan.

Natural Materials and Colors Blend with Trends

Why do the bathrooms of the 60s and 70s linger in our minds as outrageous and gaudy? Because the fixtures and tile were made in those outdated colors of deep rose, avocado green, and dark blue. The homeowners were stuck with those color schemes until they took a jackhammer to the bathroom.

You can avoid this problem by selecting fixtures, tile, and wall colors in neutral tones and materials. Even if the world suddenly falls in love with dark purple, it can be added to your new room using rugs, art, and curtains. Take down the dying color fad, and you instantly return to the decor of sanity.

Lighting Fixtures Where You Need Them Most

Take a moment to think about your current bathing experience. Is there a light missing over the tub? Do you have shadows in front of the mirror? Today’s LED bulb technology means that you can add brilliant illumination to every corner of the design without breaking the bank. However, adding them to the renovation budget ensures a seamless installation.

Future Tech in Your Toilet

Your thermostats and doorbell are connected to your smartphone. Wouldn’t you like to tell your toilet to clean itself? Today’s toilets offer more premium features than ever before. Integrate a bidet, a heated seat, air fresheners, and night lights. Everyone spends a significant amount of their life on the throne. Make it as comfortable as possible.

Bring in the Sun!

Finally, if the bathroom is located on an exterior wall, make sure to include a window in your new design. Sunlight provides a natural defense against mold and nasty smells, so even a high-mounted window helps to protect the health of your family. If you are lucky enough to have it overlooking a private yard, there is nothing so relaxing as soaking in scented bubbles while watching the birds at play.

Are you ready to get to work? So are we. Give us a ring at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH, and get your bathroom renovation project started today.

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