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Easy Summer Bathroom Decorating Tips

Just like we work in our summer wardrobes and lighten up the other areas of the home, redecorating the bathroom is a bright idea too. While some may argue it’s no day at the beach, it sure is nice to relax in a summer-friendly bathroom when the weather is nice and warm and the days are longer and lovelier. We don’t have to break the bank to make the bathroom a bit snazzier, and less can be more as long…

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Our Favorite Bathroom Deep Cleaning Tips

A neat and clean bathroom is not only inviting, but essential to rid the room of germs and bacteria. Maintenance is the key to keeping a spic and span bathroom year-round, but in order to tackle the mess when it’s at its worst, a super deep clean gets to the core and in and out of all the nooks and crannies. Every so often such cleaning is crucial in order to keep mold and mildew at bay, dust away dirt…

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How To Decorate Your Bathroom For Spring

Decorating does wonders for the mind and soul. Sometimes just seeing the decorations that you put time and effort into is just what you need to turn your day around. Why limit it to just the front of your house? You spend most of the time inside, so why not add the flavor of the season indoors for you and your guests to enjoy? It can be hard to know where to start if you haven’t taken on projects like…

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Trust Columbus Bath Design

A bathroom is a sacred space for many people, so why not make it the best you possibly can? It doesn’t take much to cultivate your mood in a new direction, and a redesign of your sacred space can do just that. We understand that it can be difficult to let people into your home and redesign your space. You need to trust your designers, their process, and what they can deliver. So why choose Columbus Bath in remodeling your…

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