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The 10 Biggest Bathroom Design Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

The 10 Biggest Bathroom Design Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

July 20, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Since bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the home, they are also the space that gets updated often. However, if you decide to tackle this job on your own, there are many ways that your bathroom design can turn out to be a big flop and a waste of money. At Columbus Bath Design we want you to succeed and offer up these common mistakes, so you end up with a design that looks and functions as expected.

Big Dreams, Small BudgetBathroom Design

Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house. You would think that it would only take a few hundred dollars to dress it up. However, most bathroom renovations need more than a quick coat of paint. Fixtures, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and tile all add up.

Get a complete estimate with a low and high option to create an affordable renovation plan before you start pulling down walls.

No Linen Storage or a Place for Toiletries

Even a tiny powder room off the living room needs some storage. Where will you keep the towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and your toiletries?

Look for vanities with drawers, a mirror with a hidden medicine chest, and shelving over the toilet when searching for fixtures for your project.

Doors that Won’t Close or Open

The traditional standard for bathroom doors is to have them open into the bathroom. The position of the sink or toilet could result in the door being unable to swing open all the way. Likewise, doors on the bottom of the vanity need space to open without bumping into your knees or the big door.

Work out a total floor design on paper or online before selecting your fixtures. If there is no room for a standard door, consider a pocket or bi-fold door to optimize space.

Bumping Your Knees While Sitting on the Toilet

It can seem optimal to fit the toilet facing the vanity in a small bathroom, but leaving too little space between fixtures can cause serious problems.

Toilets need at least 15 inches from the center of the bowl to walls or other fixtures positioned to its side. At least 24 inches from the center to a wall or fixture in front of the toilet leaves just enough room for you to stand, sit, and turn around. More space is better for a more comfortable visit to the loo.

An Exhaust Fan that Doesn’t Exhaust

Most contemporary plumbing codes require that your shower exhaust fan will vent directly outside. Some older homes simply ran the exhaust into the attic. This can encourage the growth of mold in your attic.

Ask your bathroom contractor to include proper exhaust venting in the scope of the project. This may include cutting through your siding, installing a bulkhead, and other trim work not normally included in a quick bathroom renovation.

DIY Plumbing Gone Wrong

It looks so easy to purchase a new bathroom sink and vanity at the big box store and just twist a few connectors for a quick installation. However, if you own a home built in the 20th century, you may be faced with unusual pipe sizes, crumbling pipes, or other surprises.

Have a qualified professional inspect your existing plumbing before tackling a DIY project. Even better, avoid an unexpected flood by hiring a plumber to install all your fixtures. Sometimes paying the extra for a pro will save you big in the end.

Flooring Unsuited for a Bathroom

You may have seen what looked like a hardwood floor in the fancy hotel bathroom, but it likely was a flooring material designed for use in a bathroom. Impulsively choosing hardwood or an inexpensive laminate may end with warped and swollen floorboards after a single year. You will end up paying twice for a floor engineered to last.

Explore all available options including ceramic tiles, stone, vinyl, and engineered products that look like wood. Ask about installation requirements for use in a kitchen or bath. Use a vapor barrier that further protects your investment while delivering the style and long-lasting performance you want.

A Trending Sink or Shower Design that Doesn’t Work Quite Right

There is a reason that the basic design of the toilet, tub, and sink has remained the same for more than a century–they work and rarely require repair. While a vessel sink, illuminated waterfall tap, and jetted shower all are appealing, their styling looks may not be as impressive after the fad fades away.

If you are upgrading the shared upstairs bathroom or guest bathroom, you will see a better return on your time and money by choosing more traditional finishes. Splurging on your private master spa will look after your comfort, but expect higher maintenance on those trendy toys.

Dim Lighting Around the Mirror

You just finished a complete redo of your bathroom, and you can’t see to put on your mascara. You skipped adding the wall sconces by the mirror because you didn’t like how they looked. Now you are juggling a hand-held lit mirror and a razor to look your best in the morning.

When creating the lighting design for your bathroom, think about how you use the room. If you spend 20 minutes every day staring at your reflection, adding a ring or strip of LED lights by the mirror will make your life so much easier.

Purchasing the Wrong Materials Before Drawing the Design

The hardware store was having a clearance sale. You grabbed the clawfoot tub and a box of mosaic tiles before you even thought about a bathroom renovation. Now you don’t have enough of the right color tiles and the tub won’t fit through the door.

Picking out the finishes for the bathroom is probably the most fun part of your project, but you need to wait! Wait until you and your kitchen designer have drawn up a complete set of plans that includes a comprehensive materials list. Now you will make one trip to the store and get the bathroom renovation done on time.

Work with the Pros at Columbus Bath Design and Skip Making Any Common Mistakes

If you value your time and sanity, you can avoid any of these common errors by giving us a ring at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our expert sales and installation team members will provide the insight, guidance, and experience needed to make a custom bath renovation fast and flawless. Doing it yourself may sound like fun, but the real reward comes with a bathroom that supports you and your family for years without the drama of bad design choices.

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