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Choosing the perfect accessories for your bathroom

Choosing the perfect accessories for your bathroom

September 25, 2020 | Bathroom Accessories

You’ve worked hard to design the perfect bathroom, choosing beautiful mirrors, fixtures, and surfaces. But your job is not yet done! You have to outfit your new bathroom with all of the things you need to make it a useful space. Choosing the right bathroom accessories can mean the difference between an ok bathroom with lots of clutter and a gorgeous bathroom that is perfectly appointed.

Since bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the house, choosing the right accessories can be a very tricky task. Bathrooms are notoriously short on space, yet are one of the most used rooms in your home. This means that you need to fit a lot of things in a small space, all while making sure that it maintains its functionality. Experts like those at Columbus Bath Design agree the best way create a beautiful yet functional space is to make sure that you choose the right accessories.

What are the best ways to handle storage and organization?

Creating the right amount of bathroom storage is a constant challenge for bathroom designers. One great trick is to choose accessories that act as supplemental storage. It can be fun to find and use unique and interesting objects in your bathroom that perform double duty. For instance, decorative boxes, small trunks, wicker baskets, and large ceramic containers can be found in all kinds of shapes and colors.

Bringing storage solutions like these into your bathroom can not only match but can also enhance your décor. You can find counter surfaces to place these accessories, stack them on the floor, or even add small pieces of furniture or shelving to hold them.

The same can be true of organizational accessories. There are certain items that you use every day or even many times a day that can’t be stored out of sight. The things that you use regularly need to be close at hand, and if your vanity doesn’t have drawers, then your counter space can become quickly overwhelmed.

Choosing the right organizational accessories can solve the problem. They can be smaller storage containers that help to keep your daily use items from running rampant. Instead of just laying your cotton swabs, lotion bottles, makeup, pastes, and other such items on your counter, consider placing them in distinctive and decorative containers. Boxes, bowls, baskets, or whatever best fits your style and décor can be found to fit any bathroom. Instead of looking unkempt and junky, your counters will have a clean feel and sophisticated look.

How about accessories for convenience and comfort?

Let’s face it, no matter how to design-savvy you are, certain things in the bathroom need to be conducive to convenience and comfort. For instance, if you have extensive hair or makeup routine, you may consider adding a small chair or stool that can make longer sessions more enjoyable. Adding small shelves can increase storage, and small tables can put even more items out of the way but still keep them close at hand.

Likewise, bathrooms must be comfortable to serve their intended purpose. A bathroom should be a place where you can get as comfortable as possible, given that you’ll spend so much time there! Consider adding accessories that will make it a place you love to be, like plush robes hanging from decorative hooks, sleek towel warmers, or even a vintage fan to help move the steam from a hot shower. And don’t forget your feet! Standing and brushing your teeth or doing your makeup is significantly more comfortable if you are on a plush, thick rug. A soft rug will also allow you to add a splash of color or pattern to your theme.

Do I have to abandon style and personality?

No need to abandon your personal style! There needs to be a balance between style and function. Since you may not have space for objects that the only function to add style, why not turn your functional items into elements of style? For instance, towels are must-have bathroom accessories, but artistically storing them on a shelf or clustering washcloths in a decorative basket could add a touch of flair to your design. Tie them together with ribbon, and you create a fancy yet functional element, adding a dash of style to the room.

You also want to make sure that you keep your personality in your design choices. You can put your favorite things and interests on display by choosing thematic accessories or artwork that makes your bathroom a perfect sanctuary for you. Remember how much time you spend in your bathroom when making design choices so that it is a place you like to be!

How do I know how to balance function and style?

There are so many choices in bathroom accessories that can be overwhelming. Having a design expert lead you through the various ways that you can maximize storage while maintaining character is always a great idea. At Columbus Bath Design we have helped thousands of homeowners create the perfect space, and we can’t wait to help you design your personal bathroom sanctuary!

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