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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Bathroom

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Bathroom

July 12, 2019 | Bathroom Design

White BathroomFrom top to bottom, a great looking bathroom means that what is beneath your feet is just as important as any other aspect of the bathroom’s design and décor. While you may not have given your bathroom flooring much thought before, if you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, there are three basic floor types we at Columbus Bath Design recommend and install. No matter your budget – big or small, your idea of what “beautiful” looks like, or your level of comfort and maintenance required, we’ve got a flooring idea that is sure to suit your style and surely surpass your expectations.

Any size space is well-suited for the floor of your dreams; it is all about what speaks to your soul and the soles of your feet! We have lots of fantastic flooring options to choose from, from the very basic to the out-of-the-box brilliant, so when you meet with a friendly and knowledgeable Columbus Bath Design salesperson, we will explain all these options and zero in on the bathroom floor that you find fabulous. 

Tile, vinyl, and wood are the main three options you will want to consider, tile flooring probably being the type you are most familiar with, but that certainly does not mean it is necessarily the go-to floor for you. Read on below to learn a bit more about each type of flooring, and you will soon be on your way towards selecting the right flooring for your bathroom. 

I Am Probably Planning To Go With Tile Flooring For My Bathroom Renovation. What Should I Know?

Tile is a solid choice in bathroom flooring that is the most durable and dependable of the three aforementioned kinds. With lots of shapes, shades, sizes, and more to select from, this versatile bathroom flooring choice offers nearly endless options. Go for something white or light or get creative with lots of color or patterns – perhaps even a mix-and-match for added flair. Even the tile textures can vary, so you can get really specific with the style you like. 

Tile bathroom flooring is quite easy to keep clean, but the grout between them will need maintenance to maintain the initial whiteness. As long as you keep your tiles sparkling, the floor will look as good as new for a long time to come. Tile always brings a smile!

Modern Bathroom DesignI Am On A Pretty Tight Bathroom Redo Budget. Is Vinyl A Good Bathroom Flooring Option That Won’t Break The Bank?

When you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, vinyl bathroom flooring can be a relatively inexpensive option when the tile or wood bathroom floors you love are simply out of your price range. Vinyl bathroom flooring generally comes in sheets, and many are created with realistic-looking patterns and styles meant to mimic the luxe look of tile or wood at a fraction of the price. Since there is not much seaming with vinyl, it is a smart choice for bathroom flooring, making it far more water-friendly than wood. And today’s vinyl floors are manufactured much better than they were in the past with not nearly as much breakage due to brittleness. They hold up very well and always look lovely; no one will know that you spent a lot less on something that gives off such an elegant vibe.

Is Wood Really A Bathroom-Friendly Option? I Have Seen It In Some Of The Swankiest Spas, But Can It Work At Home Too?

Wood bathroom flooring looks rich and robust, some would even say regal, especially when you are trying to create a spa-like feel and appeal. Wood bathroom flooring is definitely an option, but it must be well-taken care of and maintained properly. This is no “get it and forget it” type of renovation, so buyer beware. Wood bathroom flooring could potentially warp when water gets in, so a laminated finish may be in order. You can help protect the wood flooring by using absorbent bathroom rugs in areas that tend to get wetter than others, like right outside the bath or shower and beneath the sink. Otherwise, yes, wood is by all means welcome, just be aware that it won’t be as hands-off as tiles or vinyl. Consider using wood in a half-bath where there won’t be showering or bathing. Less water means a longer life for your wonderful wood floors. 

Are you ready for a new bathroom floor that will floor you? Come on down to the Columbus Bath Design showroom and see what we’ve got in stock or what we can order for your renovation project. A beautiful bathroom floor will bring new life to your “loo,” perhaps serving as a “bottoms up” inspiration for an entire bathroom redo. We truly look forward to fitting your bathroom with a brand new floor. Now, let’s step on it!

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