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Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Bathroom

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Bathroom

July 22, 2020 | Bathroom Design

If a bathroom remodeling is on your horizon, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is the type of flooring to install. From dampness and heavy foot traffic throughout the day, your bathroom floor takes a beating, so it’s vital you make sure it’s up to the test.

There’s a wide variety of bathroom flooring options available. To make your job easy, though, the bathroom remodeling professionals with Columbus Bath Design have combed through the best choices, and we’re here to give you the pros and cons of each.

What Are The Top Bathroom Flooring Choices?

  1. Natural stone tiles.
    For a really upscale, elegant, and modern appeal, natural stone is an excellent choice. Available in a host of materials — including marble, slate, and granite — natural stone is also extremely durable.Pros: In addition to a wide selection of source material, natural stone bathroom flooring is not prone to collecting allergens, increases the value of your home, and can provide you with a “one of a kind” bathroom appearance.

    Cons: Because of its many pros, you should expect to pay a little more for natural stone bathroom flooring. (Keep in mind that Columbus Bath Design will work with you, and can find solutions for practically any budget.). Another potential drawback for natural stone bathroom flooring is that some stone types require regular treatment with a sealant to prevent damage from excessive moisture.


  2. Cork flooring.
    Full of “wow factor” but easy on the budget, cork flooring is a winner on so many levels. Warm and soft to the touch, cork flooring has been around for quite some time, but it’s come back into fashion in a big way in large part because of it being a reliable environmentally-conscious option. Made from the bark of cork oak trees, cork is ground-up and compressed into sheets specifically for bathroom use.Pros: Like natural stone flooring, cork bathroom flooring also repels allergens. It’s also relatively easy to maintain, is soft to your feet, and retains heat, so there’s no more stepping onto a cold floor, and is highly durable.

    Cons: Cork can be sensitive to the temperature, which can cause it to expand and contract just a bit. If direct sunlight flows into your bathroom, it can cause your cork flooring to gradually fade.


  3. Bamboo.
    While you may see it classified in the hardwood flooring section, bamboo bathroom flooring is actually a highly processed grass that has a uniform, striped look. Another good environmentally conscious selection and inexpensive, bamboo is highly sustainable and easy to install.Pros: Bamboo bathroom flooring is highly durable, and has a clean and modern appeal. Most bamboo floorings are easy to clean with just a bit of mild soap and scrubbing, and can be refinished.

    Cons: The variety of shades for bamboo flooring aren’t as numerous as some other bathroom flooring options. Also, bamboo can absorb water over time, which can lead to damage. To combat that, though, you should feel confident in knowing that damaged pieces can easily be replaced.


  4. Ceramic tile.
    Functional and attractive in just about any of your house’s rooms, ceramic tile performs especially well in bathrooms. With a durable surface, ceramic tile neither holds onto or attracts allergens or dust.Pros: Also among one of the most affordable options, ceramic tile is easy to maintain and clean. Any dirt, dust, or water that does collect on the surface can easily be swept or wiped away. Highly durable, you should expect to get up to 20 years of life or more from your ceramic tile bathroom flooring.

    Cons: Ceramic tile doesn’t do as good a job as the other choices of retaining heat, especially during winter months. While it’s easy to clean because of its hardness, ceramic tile can be hard on your feet if you’ll be doing lots of standing in your bathroom. Also, ceramic tile is one of the heavier choices, so it’s best to make sure your home’s flooring structure can handle the weight.


What Should I Consider When Selecting a Bathroom Floor?

Here at Columbus Bath Design, we’re all about finding the right bathroom solution for your home, your style, your personality, and your budget. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when making your selection for a new bathroom flooring.

  1. Develop a budget at the outset.
    By having a price-range in mind at the start, you’re able to protect yourself from unexpected home repairs that could become too much to handle. Again, bathroom remodeling is what we do here at Columbus Bath Design. We pride ourselves on making it possible for homeowners like you to get the bathroom of their dreams while remaining within budget.We’ve got numerous financial options available, and will do everything we can to make your plans work out.


  2. Consider the temperature and foot traffic of your bathroom.
    As you can see from reading the options above, bathroom flooring materials differ in how they handle moisture. Pay attention to how much time you normally spend in your bathroom, and the feeling you’d like underneath your feet. 
  3. Visit the Columbus Bath Design online gallery.
    Because pictures and videos can be more powerful than words…and because we love showing off our work…we invite you to visit our online bathroom renovation gallery. There, you’ll get a better understanding of what we can do for you and your bathroom. 

Afterwards, get in touch with us by calling 614-907-4558 or by completing our online contact form.

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