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8 Things You Need To Consider Before Designing The Perfect Bathroom

8 Things You Need To Consider Before Designing The Perfect Bathroom

July 6, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Renovating a bathroom sounds like a smaller home improvement project. You should be able to knock that out with a quick call and be thrilled with the results, right? At Columbus Bath Design we encourage you to take a step back and give some serious thought to these eight important items before ripping out the old vanity.

Set a Budget for Your Bathroom RenovationBathroom Design

Every home has a bathroom. That means it is possible to do a complete bathroom update on a limited budget. At the same time, the sky is the limit if you dream of marble floors, a wet-room design, a rain shower with Bluetooth, and a heated floor. Choose a budget you can afford, so you can focus on finishes and fixtures that won’t break the bank.

Think About Time from Demolition to Move-In Date

You can make your bathroom look new with a weekend renovation by Columbus Bath Design. But if you are taking the room down to the studs, you could be looking at a month without a working restroom. Make sure you have options in place to minimize your discomfort during construction. Also, be prepared for delays. Do you have a second bathroom? Can you stay with friends or relatives? Maybe it is a good time to get a membership at a local gym.

Is there Space for the Walk-in Shower of Your Dreams?

The size of the bathroom will dictate its floor plan. The toilet needs two feet clear in front of it and at least eight inches on the sides. The door should not open onto a direct line of sight with the toilet. You can replace a shower and tub combo with a walk-in shower, but adding a fourth piece to a three-piece bathroom may not be feasible. Use an online design tool to help you see exactly how everything will work, Then you can order pieces that are guaranteed to slide into place.

What Still Works and Looks Good in Your Old Bathroom?

Are you dreaming of stone floor tiles, but the budget doesn’t have room for a complete re-do? You may be able to find significant savings by keeping older fixtures like the toilet and tub. Fashion does not significantly affect these pieces. You can update their appearance by replacing the taps and shower head. New wall tiles or a quick shower enclosure will introduce contemporary colors. Your off-white or white ceramic fixtures will suddenly take on a fresh look and last for another 10 to 20 years.

Selecting Finishes that Add Value to Your Home

It is tempting to design a bathroom bursting with color, sparkling chandeliers, and wild patterns. But remember that these choices will likely stay with the house for a decade or longer. When it comes time to sell, you won’t want to change out the mosaic tiles and a gold sink for something that appeals to a wider audience. It is wise to select flooring, paint, off-white fixtures, and lighting with a neutral palette and traditional design. Add sparks of interest using art, shower curtains, rugs, and linens to give the bathroom your sense of style.

Avoiding Fads that Will Look Out of Date in Another Year

The bright color of blue or sparkling metallic paint that is trending on social media today will not make you smile after a few months of using your new bathroom. Your bathroom will provide the same function in twenty years whether it is in style or not. If you see something wild at the design center that encourages an impulsive decision, wait a day and come back. If you can see yourself still loving the new look long after fashions change, go for it.

Adjusting the Height and Size of Fixtures for Your Comfort

Are you a few inches taller than the average person? Think about investing in a vanity mounted a couple of inches higher, so you are not slouching in order to reach the faucet. Ask about taller and shorter toilets, so your morning ablutions can be completed in total comfort. Ask your bath installer about the height of the shower head, step-over height for the tub, and the perfect position for your mirror.

Working with a Contractor that Listens to Your Needs and Desires

Finally, take some time to get to know the people that will be creating your new bathroom. You want the new space to be your personal oasis, not just a cookie-cutter version. Like our crews at Columbus Bath Design, your contractor should verify every color, paint, tile, and fixture choice with you. They should provide a clear timeline and show you what you can expect from day one. If a potential contractor cannot clearly communicate with you, it might be wise to look for somebody else.

Now that you have a budget, created a plan, researched, and selected potential fixtures, it is time to make it all happen. Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. We can create a complete custom spa or breathe new life into your powder room with a fast one-day renovation.

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