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Getting Your Bathroom Ready for Back to School

Getting Your Bathroom Ready for Back to School

September 18, 2020 | Bathroom tips

As the fall approaches and kids are gearing up for school, it is important to think about how they get ready to approach their day. Many things need to be done before heading to class, things like picking the perfect outfit, putting supplies together, and packing the perfect lunch. But how do you get your kids up and moving on time? A well-organized bathroom can make the transition from sleepy time to school time a little more efficient.

Whether school is virtual or in-person, creating a space that facilitates your kids having a regular morning routine is critical in setting the foundation for their day, allowing them to get ready quickly and efficiently to start school with the right attitude and focus.

The experts at Columbus Bath Design are very experienced in designing bathrooms that are perfect for the needs of children. We understand the critical importance of the morning routine in getting the kids up and out the door as efficiently as possible! Contact us to see how we can help you create the perfect space to start your kids’ day.

What can I do to make my kid’s bathroom back to school ready?

The first thing to do when getting your kid’s bathroom back to school ready is to evaluate your needs. For instance, if you have more than one child who share a bathroom, consider installing a double vanity or two sinks. By allowing all the kids to get ready at the same time you can save yourself both time and hassle.

If your kids are still small, you can store a step stool under a wall-mounted sink or even a pop-out step under the vanity. The key principle to any good bathroom design for kids is to keep it fun, and what kid doesn’t like climbing on things?

Drawers or baskets are a good way to keep toiletries organized and out of sight. It can be part of the morning ritual to make sure that items are put away properly. Also important is making sure that towel bars or hooks are easily reachable by little people. There is a 100% chance that towels will end up on the floor if kids can’t reach the towel bar! Along the same lines, installing an adjustable showerhead that can be lowered for small children is a good idea, with the added benefit that it can be raised as your children grow, allowing the bathroom to grow with them.

Safety is also an important concern. Small feet slip easily on large, smooth tiles. It’s wise to install smaller tiles because the added grout lines also serve to provide a better grip. Other safety features to consider may include drain and faucet covers to help keep smaller kids from injuring themselves or accidentally burning themselves with hot water.

What are some tips for organizing a bathroom shared by more than one kid?

The key to organizing a bathroom shared by multiple children is to make sure that every kid has their things and areas clearly marked. One great way to do this is to establish a color-coding system. Each kid has their color, and it carries through all parts of the bathroom. For example, one child could have a red towel and all of their things are stored in red baskets or bins, while another child could have a blue towel, and all of their things are in the blue tubs. This keeps things organized and clean, while at the same time helps to prevent aggravating arguments.

During the design stage, it’s wise to include ideas from each kid. For instance, one can be assigned the task of picking hardware style, while another could be in charge of picking out the light switch plate.

By keeping the space fun and organized, your morning routines will be much easier and efficient.

Can my kids help with bathroom design?

The answer is a resounding yes! Encouraging your kids to participate in the bathroom design helps give them a sense of ownership. They’ll feel more comfortable taking care of their morning routine by themselves, and they can also give you a better idea of how they use the various elements in the bathroom.

Including them in color and décor theme decisions encourages creativity and involving them as appropriate in painting and organizing can be a fun family project. Even the simplest ideas from your kids go a long way. Including your children in planning can help them become more self-sufficient and increase their confidence. They will be more likely to be excited about their morning routine when they feel a sense of ownership over their space.

How do I get started putting together the perfect bathroom space for my kids?

That’s the easy part! Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design. We’ll evaluate your needs, and help you engage your kids in the design process. We look forward to helping you create the perfect space!

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