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How to Fall In Love With Your New Bathroom in Just One Day

How to Fall In Love With Your New Bathroom in Just One Day

How to Fall In Love With Your New Bathroom in Just One Day

September 15, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Did you just spend another morning scowling at your bathroom? Nothing works like it should and the decor belongs to the last century. But the cost and time for a full renovation are not in the cards right now.

Columbus Bath Design offers homeowners in the Lewis Center, OH area the opportunity to rediscover why you loved your house and bathroom with affordable and fast one-day bathroom remodels. You will be stunned at what we can accomplish in less than 24 hours.

Get Rid of the Cracked Tile or Tub

Whether the tile surround or the tub is all cracked or just scratched and old, you will never see it again with a one-day bathroom update. A custom acrylic bath slides over your existing tub. Wall panels finished in the pattern and color of your choice are attached to the old chipped tiles. We add new spouts and handles, too. The next day, you will enjoy a morning shower in a glistening bath.

Add Lights to Your Vanity Mirror

How often have you leaned in to apply mascara and squinted due to the inadequate overhead light? Part of your remodel can include a new vanity mirror with LED lights in the frame. Choose from a wide selection that complements the existing fixtures or your new design. Maybe you need a mirror big enough to share. That can happen, too. Just imagine not bumping elbows while brushing your teeth.

Expanded Storage and Countertop Space

If your old bathroom has plenty of empty space, upgrade your vanity with a one or two-sink design and an extra large surface. Now there is room to put down the hair dryer without knocking off the toothbrush holder. The new vanity can include drawers for toiletries or open shelving for your towels. Gone is that annoying pedestal with nowhere to even put a bar of soap.

Beautiful New Shower Head with Pulsing Massage

How often do you stand under a hot shower and wish somebody could beat on your aching muscles for a few minutes? While we are updating the tub and tiling, it only takes an extra hour to change out your old water-saving shower head with one featuring multiple settings. Choose a fine mist, high pressure, or thumping pulses that help to work out kinks in your neck and back.

Update Outdated Tiles

Just like the ancient tub full of scratches, your tiles have seen better days. Erase those colors and patterns straight out of the 70s and 80s with quick-install tile options. Choose tiles from Cambria and other premium suppliers that mimic the appearance of granite, marble, or soapstone for that contemporary look you desire. Imagine a space of calming gray and white featuring large blocks of trending stone tile. Gorgeous.

Opt for a Walk-in Shower for a Safer Morning Routine

Is it getting harder to step over the edge of the tub? Our one-day bathroom remodel can include the removal of your old tub and replacing it with an all-new walk-in shower. Add a built-in bench and finally discover that sense of peace and safety you have been missing for years when taking a bath. In many instances, the new enclosure will give you more room to move around and feature a beautiful glass door.

Refreshing the Space Saves Time on Demolition and Moving Your Pipes

Now, the best part of opting for a one-day bathroom remodel by Columbus Bath Design is that you only lose the use of your bathroom for a single day. We don’t rip apart the entire room to the studs. There is no need for a giant dumpster to block your driveway for a week. You won’t have plumbers sweating pipes in your basement. While the day of the installation can be a bit hectic, when we are done, you won’t be able to tell we were there.

Our Dedicated Team Handles the Complete Process from Morning ’til Night

Also, after you have completed the design, you will be working directly with your installation team. The same technicians that arrive in the morning will be the ones that shake your hand when we are done. We will not bring in third-party crews. You can be confident that we are fully invested in every step of the process and stand behind our work.

The Final Step: A Stress-Free Morning Shower

The next day when we are gone and your alarm goes off, discover what it is like to actually love your bathroom. Every surface gleams. The fixtures all work exactly as you expect. There is a space for every item within reach. And it is beautiful! You might even want to show it off to your friends during your next BBQ.

Is it time to get rid of old and outdated fixtures and surfaces in your bathroom? Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH to schedule your initial consultation. Whether you want a complete renovation or a one-day dream bathroom, we can help.

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