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How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

How to Make an Old Bathroom Look New

December 30, 2022 | Bathroom Remodeling

How do you make your dated bathroom look like it belongs in the 21st century without taking the space down to the studs? When you want to simply update the room and keep your budget under control, Columbus Bath Design offers a wide variety of options, some which don’t even require hiring a contractor.

One-Day Bathroom Remodels Breathe New Life into an Aging Space

A one-day bathroom remodel we offer is surprisingly more affordable than you might expect, and it will banish those 1970s tiles into oblivion in a short time.

You determine just how many surfaces will get replaced but your floor, walls, and tub can look like new. Fresh new panels that look like marble or stone, soft updated flooring, and even new shower taps will make it all shine. It’s your one-click solution to a frustrating home design challenge.

But, if you only want to tackle smaller projects in your journey to update the space, consider some of these more manageable tasks.

Retire the Curtain with a Glass Shower Door

Add a shower door to your tub and put the drab shower curtain out in the trash. Glass gives the room a crisp and cleaner look, much more like popular washroom designs.

Replacing or Painting the Dated Tile

The color of your ceramic wall tiles anchors the bathroom to a particular decade. Whether we are talking rose, green, or yellow, it all needs to be erased to liven up the room.

There are ceramic tile paint kits that can turn it all into white or soothing gray. It is also possible to replace the tiles with subway tiles or large pieces of travertine. Since the style of tubs and toilets rarely change, addressing the tile will do a lot to bring modern appeal to the room.

Update the Flooring

The cracked linoleum or vinyl flooring also reflects the era of when the house was built. Many floating floors can be installed over your existing floor and offer popular looks like stone, wood, and timeless geometric patterns.

A New Vanity that Complements Trending Decor

Does your vanity belong to a different era? Raised panel doors, wrought iron handles, and honey oak were all done by the year 2000. If your walls and tiles have a neutral tone that works well with today’s decor, changing the vanity can provide the final polish. Simple clean lines, brushed nickel faucets, and a solid surface countertop with attractive veining brings the whole room up to speed. Best of all, this update takes just an hour or two.

Paneled Shower Enclosures are Fast and Provide Instant Pop

Shower panels are one of the easiest ways to banish scratched, faded, cracked, and even stained walls. Available in a wide range of colors and appearances, they can mimic the look of a walk-in stone shower and take only an afternoon to install. It’s like getting a whole new shower, and you don’t have to knock a single wall down.

Drop-in Tub Surrounds

How do you hide the crazed cracking lines in the ancient porcelain tub? An acrylic tub surround slips over the existing tub and instantly creates a soothing soaking oasis. The drop-in unit is just as durable as the old tub surface and once the professionals are done installing all the trim pieces, you can’t even tell anything happened. Gone are the moldy grout lines that you just can’t scrub clean and the stubborn stains.

Freshen Up the Paint

After you have updated some of the major items like the shower and floor, it’s time to brighten up the space with a gallon of fresh paint. Pull down the old wallpaper, patch the holes left by the kids, and apply a clean coat of light gray, warm yellow, or crisp white.

Modern Lights Put a Spotlight on Your Spa

From the lights surrounding your mirror to the exhaust fan in the shower, lighting design also changes with the times. Don’t forget to retire the cut-glass globes for ones that match your new vanity and door hardware. New LED bulbs will help to lower your electric bill at the same time for an added bonus.

New Towels, Rugs, and Curtains Enliven Your Design

Finally, when was the last time that you bought a matching set of towels for the bathroom? The linens that were a wedding gift will have hues that now look out of place. Modernize the bathroom with a fresh suite of rugs, curtains, and towels. Change up the countertop items, too, like the toothbrush holder and soap dish. A quick visit to the store will cost less than $200 and introduce a modern twist to your bathroom.

Whether you are planning to tackle one or all of our recommended updates, when you are ready to bring your old bathroom into the modern era, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our design professionals will be happy to help select flooring, tiles, surrounds, and finishes to create a bathroom that welcomes you home at the end of a busy day.

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