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Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom This Summer?

Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom This Summer?

June 14, 2019 | Bathroom Remodeling

Summertime is a great season for a bathroom remodel. The warm days and hours of extra sunshine can serve as inspiration for a revitalizing refresh, bringing a shiny new look to the “loo.” Without the worry that bad weather will put the breaks on your process, you can be relieved your remodeling project should go smoothly. No snow, no problem!

While you will want to remodel with a style that will work well no matter the season, summertime brings out a certain sense of freshness that will give the room a lovely lift. This airy atmosphere will give the other three seasons that same summer sensation, something we all wish would last a lot longer anyway.

With the guidance and professionalism the team at Columbus Bath Design delivers, your summer remodeling efforts will go swimmingly. No project is too small or too large to take on and tackle, so our talented team will get to it in no time, allowing you to enjoy your redone bathroom before you know it.

Here are some tips, information, and other interesting items to consider before you get going on your summertime bathroom remodel. Read on, get inspired, and give your bathroom the royal treatment!

What Are Some Simple Summery Touches I Can Incorporate Into My Bathroom Remodeling Work?

Think light and bright – something we suggest no matter the season. Most bathrooms aren’t huge, so staying away from any heaviness or clutter will create a space that is welcoming. Paint or wallpaper with neutral colors, accessorize with sleek and simple pieces and decorate sparingly. When the cooler seasons come about, you can incorporate seasonal touches in your towels and bath rugs. Another tip is to add some refreshing fragrance. Floral, citrus, or coconut scents bring that summer feel to the room. Use air fresheners, oils, or even bath soaps to make things smell nice. And once the job is done, if you have windows in your bathroom, be sure to let the natural light shine in while the sun is high in the sky.

Why Is Summer A Desirable Month For A Remodel?

Summer has many benefits that work well for redoing your bathroom. For those who have kids, this means they will be out of school, so your schedule is more flexible. That gives us more opportunity to take up your space so that we can get the job done faster. When you and the kids are on a school schedule, there is no avoiding getting-ready time before they need to be at school. Plus, you may have some vacation time. You can use it wisely during the remodeling phase, making sure you have the time to get things in order and oversee the remodeling process. Additionally, you will not have to worry about a snowstorm putting the process on hold. With the weather at its peak, the efforts shouldn’t get interrupted.

I Am Looking To Do A Major Redo. What Are Some Large-Scale Projects I Can Consider This Summer?

Re-tiling your entire bathroom would make it look amazing. We have tons of tile styles to choose from, and the outcome will be outstanding. It will give the room a modern refresh and will last for years to come. Or, how about converting your shower into a bathtub or vice-versa? If you have been considering such a swap, summer is a great season to finally get it done. It is certainly hot out, so you will surely make the most of a nice shower or bath to get you feeling clean and fresh after a long day at work or a day at play at the beach. If your bathroom floors are not your favorite, we can tile them or offer other options. From bottom to top, we will give you the look you are longing for. Otherwise, you can do all sorts of upgrades, from your shelves to your sinks. We will discuss your remodeling goals and get you there. Be creative, classic, or somewhere in-between. It is your bathroom, after all, so make it your own.

Are you ready for a summer bathroom remodel? Your bathroom will look better than ever with the Columbus Bath Design team on your side to make the entire process seamless. We are always up for the challenge, so let’s do it! If you are not sure which direction you want to go with your bathroom redo, come by our extravagant showroom to see an array of examples of how your bathroom can look. You will be astounded at how many options are available. This summer is sure to be your bathroom’s very best.

Simply stop in or give us a call at 614-721-3879 to request a free estimate. We look forward to making your bathroom the best room in the house, affordably and as quickly as possible, without skimping on quality.

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