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5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Bigger

November 15, 2022 | Bathroom tips

Not everyone is blessed with a bathroom large enough to host a hot tub party. However, there are ways to make your compact bathroom look bigger without changing how it works. Better yet, all of these tips can be incorporated into your bathroom renovation plan when you work with Columbus Bath Design. Some of our tips can be used without upgrading your fixtures or redoing the tile.

Tip 1: Bigger Mirrors Double the Visual Size of the Bathroom

Even the smallest powder room will benefit from a beautiful big mirror. The bigger the mirror, the more dramatic the visual trick. Your eye will see twice the space in the reflective surface.

Instead of choosing a medicine chest, opt for a mirror that covers the entire wall behind the vanity. More than one person can put on their makeup, and you enjoy the added benefit of such a spacious look. Better yet, mirrors never require painting–just wipe away the dust!

At the same time, too much mirror can be overboard. Avoid covering a wall floor to ceiling with a mirror. Your guests may not like seeing themselves while using the facilities.

Tip 2: Single-Color Decor Creates an Open Concept Look

In any room, a sharp contrast will always draw the eye to bolder colors. Use a monochrome design for your small bathroom and watch it suddenly look bigger! Avoid bold geometric tiles, dramatic colors, and sharp angles. Light gray and white for all of your fixtures, flooring, and walls will help to create a spacious illusion. Select towels and rugs that are just a shade darker than your main color to add depth without crowding the room.

Also, reduce clutter on counters and shelving. Opt for drawers that maintain clean lines while hiding all the bits and bobs. And take out the hanging plant.

Tip 3: A Glass Shower Door Eliminates Obstacles

In a typical three or four-piece bathroom, the shower curtain or frosted shower door creates a visual wall. This makes the room look and feel even smaller.

Change it out with a clear glass door, and now you will see the entire room at a glance. If you want to keep the frosted door for privacy, connect the overhead shower light to the light switch. Every time somebody enters the bathroom, the light helps to expand the feel of the space.

For a truly epic walk-in shower, use glass as one wall instead of tile. You will feel like dancing as the glass connects the shower area to the rest of the spa suite.

Tip 4: Let the Sunshine In with Windows

Expand the horizon in your bathroom with a window next to the tub or shower. Natural sunlight tricks your mind into thinking you are in the great outdoors. With the curtains pulled back, you can see beyond the four walls of the bathroom which gives you the feeling of freedom.

You don’t need a full-size window to take advantage of this illusion. Even a high-mounted window over the top of the shower enclosure introduces that healthy sunlight into the space.

When no window is possible, use full-spectrum light bulbs in all your fixtures. The bright and warm wavelength is both relaxing and invigorating while illuminating every corner.

Tip 5: Floating Vanities Trick the Eyes

If you are always squeezing past the vanity, switching it out for a pedestal sink is a quick way to restore traffic patterns in a small bathroom. But when you simply need a visual trick to make the room feel bigger, look at a floating vanity.

Instead of having a cabinet that runs all the way to the floor, a floating vanity mounts to the wall and leaves open space underneath it. Your pipes are hidden, you still have space to put down the hair dryer, and many of these pieces include drawers for storage. Meanwhile, the room looks are feels roomier as less space is taken up by bulky furniture.

Bonus Tip: Enclosed Storage Conceals the Clutter

The over-the-toilet storage shelf is a masterpiece of optimizing space. However, the bottles, baskets, and towels that stuff it’s shelves actually make the bathroom feel even smaller. Opt for a unit that has small cupboard doors that conceal all your clutter.

A visitor to the bathroom will only see the clean, flat planes of the cabinets instead of being distracted by the collection of spa soaps. In our minds clutter is equated with “not enough room for all the stuff.” When things are stored, we perceive the room as spacious.

Do you have a tiny bathroom in need of updating and rescuing? We are happy to help at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Whether you need a one-day renovation or a complete custom redo, our experts are available to assist with every step of the process. Give us a call today to schedule your first consultation.

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