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How to Select Bath Accessories that Complement Your Bathroom Design

How to match bath accessories with bathroom designs

How to Select Bath Accessories that Complement Your Bathroom Design

October 5, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Yes! You are finally planning to remodel your tired bathroom. But upgrading the tub, sink, and toilet is only part of the overall design. How do you achieve that amazing bathroom decor found on all your favorite sites? With the perfect bath accessories, of course.

At Columbus Bath Design, we can not only help you retire a scratched and faded tub, but we also can help select the finishes to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Clear the Clutter with Shelves and Cubbies Built Into Your New Shower Enclosure

When you work with us, we can craft a bath or shower that helps you keep everything organized without adding extra items. Think about how many bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner you currently keep in wire baskets. Our molded shower enclosure panels can feature all the extra spots needed to hold your soap, razor, and scrubbies without fighting with ineffective suction cups.

Matching Your Mirror, Fixtures, Lights, and Fittings

An integrated bathroom design means taking a look at every permanent surface and item in the space. While you are changing out the bath and vanity, take a moment to look at your mirror, door knobs, and even the overhead lighting fixture. For just a few extra dollars, you can select hinges, drawer pulls, and framed mirrors that all have the same chrome, brushed metal, bronze, or ceramic finish. Changing the hardware usually takes nothing more than a screwdriver and a little time.

Clear or Frosted Shower Doors

You are upgrading to a hinged or sliding shower door with your new bathroom. But what kind of finish should the glass feature? For a private spa experience, a clear door opens up the space and makes the whole room feel bigger. If you often share the bathroom in the morning, a frosted door will provide privacy without blocking light. Some doors offer etched detail around the edges to complement other decor choices.

Grab Handles that Blend while Supporting Your Personal Needs

If you are concerned about the safety of a family member getting in and out of the tub, you may want to grab bars for extra security. But there is no need to add the clunky and ugly ones found at the pharmacy. Safe and durable options can be added to your shower or tub which is part of its overall design. You can also choose the ones that match the hardware on your fixtures and vanity.

Save the Bright Colors for Your Curtains, Towels, and Rugs

It might be tempting to select a mosaic tile or even bright panels as part of your one-day shower and tub upgrade. Just remember that those cheery colors might be popular now, but will look outdated after just a few years. How often have you visited a home built in the middle of the last century and marveled at its dark blue or green bathroom? By ordering neutral permanent fixtures, you leave a clean palette that can roll with the times.

Now you can add a jewel-toned rug, some fun toothbrush holders, and matching pumps for your hand soap. When you get tired of the color or design, just visit the home goods store and freshen up the bathroom with some new fabrics and knick-knacks.

Squares and Geometric Patterns or Soft Circles

Today’s contemporary decor options are oozing with large repeating patterns. When selecting curtains, a rug, or even your tile, think about the shapes of all the fixtures you chose for the new bathroom. Traditional decor often includes sculpted soft shapes like fluted pedestals and floral accents. A gray and white rug in huge white hexagons may fight with the natural flow of your more traditional choices.

Matching a square mirror with straight door pulls, crisp white tile, and repeating patterns will echo the pages of your favorite home decor site. Oval mirrors and rugs support the softer side of BoHo and its classic design.

Work with a Single Source for the Best Results

Have you ever bought a white towel to replace one at home, only to discover that it isn’t the same white at all? The same thing can happen with bathroom finishes and fixtures. A chrome knob bought from one store may not have the same sheen as the drawer pull found in another location. For the ultimate designer finish to your newly remodeled bathroom, try to purchase all your finishes from the same supplier at the same time.

Columbus Bath Design can help you create stunning decor by helping you select all the fine details from our extensive catalogs. It also means when we are done with your upgrade, it really is complete from top to bottom.

If you live in the greater Lewis Center, OH area and need to breathe new life into your tired bathroom, give Columbus Bath Design a ring to schedule your initial consultation. From a one-day refresh to a total makeover, we offer it all.

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