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5 Simple And Inexpensive Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom More Attractive

5 Simple And Inexpensive Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom More Attractive

June 20, 2022 | Bathroom Design

Do you know what parts of your Columbus area home rarely break? The bathroom fixtures. It is not uncommon to find toilets, tubs and sinks that have been serving a house for 100 years. Yes, the pipes and valves probably needed some TLC over the years, but they are still able to function for many more years.

So, if you have a vintage bathroom that works, but looks outdated, how do you freshen it up without ripping out the walls?

Indulge in Fresh Linens and a Vanity SetRedesigned Bathroom

If your fixtures are white or beige, introducing the hottest colors in home decor can add a contemporary vibe to the room. For less than $200 you can pick up new towel sets, throw rugs, and curtains. Replace your old toothbrush holder, hand mirror, and trash can with a matching set from the department store.

Replace the Old Corroded Faucet and Chipped Sink

Your vanity or pedestal sink is a significant focus point in a bathroom. Faucets older than 20 years can have corroded chrome or discolored handles. The sink may have chips in the porcelain.

It only takes a couple of wrenches and screwdrivers to switch out your faucet with a new one. Even the vanity or pedestal can be swapped in an afternoon with the help of your spouse or friend. Cost? As low as $50 for a faucet and $200 for a prefabbed vanity with sink and faucet at the DIY store.

Change Out the Knobs, Pulls, and Shower Curtain Rings

You prefer the sleek and straight lines of modern home design. Your classic storage cabinet comes with beautifully crafted door pulls full of twists and turns, but it’s out of place. Most cabinet door knobs use a single screw to hold them into place. Find new ones in the kitchen design center for just a couple of dollars each. While you are at it, create a unified appearance by changing out the door hinges, curtain rods, and rings. Total project cost: $20 to $70 and an hour of your time.

Seriously Scrub and Repair Vintage Tiles

Sometimes a little elbow grease will erase the cobwebs in a well-loved home. Ceramic tiles commonly used for floors, bath enclosures, and walls in older bathrooms are designed to last a literal lifetime. Over time, they can develop a dingy film out of grease, nicotine, and dirt that makes the whole room look old and dirty. Fortunately, you can restore those tiles.

One option is to hire a steam cleaning service for a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, after mopping the tiles fill a bucket with water, vinegar, and baking soda. Use scrubbing pads to remove the last of the grime from the tile. A toothbrush will get into the grout lines. You might be surprised at how white it gets after an hour of hard work.

It is likely that there are a few cracked or chipped tiles, too. A tile repair kit costs around $25. It includes filler for the holes and a coloring kit to match the tint. When the patch is dry, the sealer creates a durable finish ready for daily use.

Finally, use a tube of while silicone and run it around the edge of the tile where it meets the wallboard. That banishes any eye-catching black spaces that make the walls look uneven.

A weekend of work equity and less than $100 transformed that dark and dingy bathroom into a bright canvas ready for fresh linens and artwork.

Paint and Easy-to-Install Vinyl Floors

Your tiles are clean! Now, do you see the shadows of long-lost picture frames on the walls? Bathrooms are usually pretty small. A single gallon of premium paint costs less than $50. It will take a couple of hours to roll over the faded and dingy wall color. A fresh coat of paint better reflects sunlight and lends the space a polished appearance.

Now, what about that perfectly sound but sorry-looking floor? If you have a flat surface, peel and stick vinyl floor tiles go down in an hour or two and will hide that old floral pattern put down sometime in the 90s. Today’s tiles come in a range of contemporary designs that mimic the look of wood, stone, or popular colors.

When the Bathroom is Beyond Simple Fixes and Repairs, Bring in The Pros

While a visit to the home improvement store can address many visual deficiencies in your bathroom, it won’t always be the best solution. If your bathroom is beyond your help, don’t hesitate to call Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our one-day bath renovations completely refresh your space at a surprisingly affordable cost. Best of all, you don’t even have to break a sweat to get the gorgeous spa of your dreams. Click or call to schedule your free initial consultation and explore the possibilities!


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