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Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

by Columbus Bath Design |December 30, 2023 |0 Comments | Bathroom Accessories |

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in any home. It’s where you get ready to start your day and unwind after a long one. Yet, it’s often overlooked when it comes to decor. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for ways to transform your bathroom into a stylish space that reflects your personality. In this blog post, we’ll share various ideas that inspire you to make bold choices and create a space that truly speaks to you. From embracing abstract art to bringing nature indoors, incorporating natural materials, and adding dramatic touches, we cover everything that will help elevate your bathroom decor game. So, let’s dive in!

Introducing Nature into Your Bathroom

Bring the outdoors in with plants and flowers for a fresh and calming atmosphere. Use natural materials like wood or stone for a rustic and organic feel. Install a skylight or large windows to maximize natural light and connect with nature. Choose earthy color palettes inspired by nature for a soothing ambiance. Incorporate natural elements like pebbles or seashells as decorative accents.

Maximizing Impact with Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

Make a statement with vibrant colors or patterns in floor-to-ceiling tiles. Use large-format tiles for a visually striking effect. Experiment with textured or 3D tiles for added depth. Enhance the impact with contrasting grout colors. Consider mosaic tiles for intricate patterns or accent walls.

Matte Black – The Stylish Touch You Need

Create a sleek and modern look with matte black fixtures and hardware. Use contrasting colors like white or metallics for a striking effect. Incorporate matte black through accessories like soap dispensers or toothbrush holders. Consider using matte black tiles or paint for an edgy and contemporary bathroom.

Creating a Focal Point with a Wood Accent Wall

Install a wood accent wall to add warmth and texture. Choose different tones or patterns for visual interest. Use reclaimed or weathered wood for a rustic focal point. Combine with lighting fixtures to enhance impact. Incorporate wood elements in vanities or shelves.

Brass Fixtures – A Classic Choice for Classy Bathrooms

Incorporate timeless brass fixtures for an elegant bathroom design. Use faucets, showerheads, and towel bars to create a cohesive look. Pair with white or neutral colors for sophistication. Combine with marble or luxurious materials for a high-end feel. Add brass accents in lighting fixtures or cabinet hardware.

Botanical Wallpaper for a Refreshing Ambiance

Choose botanical-inspired wallpaper for a calming spa-like ambiance. Opt for large-scale floral prints for a bold statement. Use it as an accent wall or cover the entire bathroom for a cohesive white makeover. Pair with natural materials like wood or rattan for a harmonious feel. Consider using removable wallpaper for easy renovation.

Hexagon Vanity Mirror – Adding an Edge to Your Decor

The unique hexagon shape of the vanity mirror adds a modern touch to your decor. By reflecting light, the mirror makes your bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. Its sleek design enhances the overall aesthetic of your vanity area.

The Art of Suspended Shelves

Suspended shelves offer style and functionality, utilizing vertical space to maximize storage capacity. Showcase decorative items or plants on these shelves to personalize your bathroom decor. Enhance storage and add a touch of sophistication with suspended shelves.

The Power of Simple Accents

Enhance your bathroom decor with a stylish mat. Add an elegant touch with a beautiful chandelier. Create a unique and eye-catching design using wallpaper. Optimize space in small bathrooms with smart interior design choices. Update your lighting for a fresh and modern look.

The Role of Artwork in Bathroom Decor

Hang a stunning piece of artwork for a statement. Choose art that complements the color scheme. Create visual interest with a gallery wall. Consider water or nature themes for a calming effect. Mix different sizes and styles for a curated look.

The Impact of a Charming Color Palette

Choosing a soothing color palette creates a relaxing bathroom atmosphere. Experiment with bold and vibrant colors to make a statement. A monochromatic color scheme offers a sleek and modern look. Add pops of color through accessories like towels or shower curtains. Consider the psychology of color for the desired mood.

The Allure of Bold Touches in Bathroom Decor

Add a shower curtain with a bold pattern for a dramatic focal point. Incorporate vibrant accessories for personality. Consider unconventional materials like copper or concrete for fixtures. Install a statement bathtub or unique sink. Mix different patterns and textures for a bold, eclectic look.

The Importance of Incorporating Natural Materials

Incorporate wood accents for warmth, stone or marble for a luxurious look, bamboo or rattan accessories for an eco-friendly touch, plants for nature and air quality, and natural materials for countertops or flooring: Spa-like, white bathroom makeover with a new shower head and a renovation.

Emphasizing Drama with a Bathtub Nook

Create a luxurious and intimate ambiance by designing a bathtub nook with statement lighting. Enhance the drama with wallpaper or a decorative accent wall. Add a vanity or seating area for comfort, and use soft lighting and plush bath mats for a cozy feel.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to transform your bathroom into a stylish and inviting space. Whether embracing abstract designs, incorporating elements of nature, or maximizing impact with floor-to-ceiling tiles, the possibilities are endless. Adding matte black fixtures, wood accent walls, and botanical wallpaper can create a refreshing ambiance. Remember the importance of color palettes, creating the perfect guest bathroom, and adding bold touches for added allure. Natural materials and multipurpose open shelving can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal. And lastly, take into account the impact of large ornaments and dramatic bathtub nooks. With these ideas in mind, you can create a bathroom that looks great, reflects your style, and enhances your daily routine.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you! It would be our honor to assist you with your upcoming bathroom project.

5 Simple And Inexpensive Things You Can Do To Make Your Bathroom More Attractive

by Columbus Bath Design |June 20, 2022 |0 Comments | Bathroom Design | ,

Do you know what parts of your Columbus area home rarely break? The bathroom fixtures. It is not uncommon to find toilets, tubs and sinks that have been serving a house for 100 years. Yes, the pipes and valves probably needed some TLC over the years, but they are still able to function for many more years.

So, if you have a vintage bathroom that works, but looks outdated, how do you freshen it up without ripping out the walls?

Indulge in Fresh Linens and a Vanity SetRedesigned Bathroom

If your fixtures are white or beige, introducing the hottest colors in home decor can add a contemporary vibe to the room. For less than $200 you can pick up new towel sets, throw rugs, and curtains. Replace your old toothbrush holder, hand mirror, and trash can with a matching set from the department store.

Replace the Old Corroded Faucet and Chipped Sink

Your vanity or pedestal sink is a significant focus point in a bathroom. Faucets older than 20 years can have corroded chrome or discolored handles. The sink may have chips in the porcelain.

It only takes a couple of wrenches and screwdrivers to switch out your faucet with a new one. Even the vanity or pedestal can be swapped in an afternoon with the help of your spouse or friend. Cost? As low as $50 for a faucet and $200 for a prefabbed vanity with sink and faucet at the DIY store.

Change Out the Knobs, Pulls, and Shower Curtain Rings

You prefer the sleek and straight lines of modern home design. Your classic storage cabinet comes with beautifully crafted door pulls full of twists and turns, but it’s out of place. Most cabinet door knobs use a single screw to hold them into place. Find new ones in the kitchen design center for just a couple of dollars each. While you are at it, create a unified appearance by changing out the door hinges, curtain rods, and rings. Total project cost: $20 to $70 and an hour of your time.

Seriously Scrub and Repair Vintage Tiles

Sometimes a little elbow grease will erase the cobwebs in a well-loved home. Ceramic tiles commonly used for floors, bath enclosures, and walls in older bathrooms are designed to last a literal lifetime. Over time, they can develop a dingy film out of grease, nicotine, and dirt that makes the whole room look old and dirty. Fortunately, you can restore those tiles.

One option is to hire a steam cleaning service for a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, after mopping the tiles fill a bucket with water, vinegar, and baking soda. Use scrubbing pads to remove the last of the grime from the tile. A toothbrush will get into the grout lines. You might be surprised at how white it gets after an hour of hard work.

It is likely that there are a few cracked or chipped tiles, too. A tile repair kit costs around $25. It includes filler for the holes and a coloring kit to match the tint. When the patch is dry, the sealer creates a durable finish ready for daily use.

Finally, use a tube of while silicone and run it around the edge of the tile where it meets the wallboard. That banishes any eye-catching black spaces that make the walls look uneven.

A weekend of work equity and less than $100 transformed that dark and dingy bathroom into a bright canvas ready for fresh linens and artwork.

Paint and Easy-to-Install Vinyl Floors

Your tiles are clean! Now, do you see the shadows of long-lost picture frames on the walls? Bathrooms are usually pretty small. A single gallon of premium paint costs less than $50. It will take a couple of hours to roll over the faded and dingy wall color. A fresh coat of paint better reflects sunlight and lends the space a polished appearance.

Now, what about that perfectly sound but sorry-looking floor? If you have a flat surface, peel and stick vinyl floor tiles go down in an hour or two and will hide that old floral pattern put down sometime in the 90s. Today’s tiles come in a range of contemporary designs that mimic the look of wood, stone, or popular colors.

When the Bathroom is Beyond Simple Fixes and Repairs, Bring in The Pros

While a visit to the home improvement store can address many visual deficiencies in your bathroom, it won’t always be the best solution. If your bathroom is beyond your help, don’t hesitate to call Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our one-day bath renovations completely refresh your space at a surprisingly affordable cost. Best of all, you don’t even have to break a sweat to get the gorgeous spa of your dreams. Click or call to schedule your free initial consultation and explore the possibilities!


Mistakes People Make When They Buy Shower Heads

by Columbus Bath Design |April 5, 2022 |0 Comments | Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom tips | ,

You want a new shower head. It should have a handheld unit and give you a vigorous hot shower complete with pulsing jets. It seems the easiest thing to do is to stop by the hardware store and pick up the first box on the shelf. But for many people, that impulsive purchase ends up in sheer frustration. Learn how to avoid the same mistakes others make when searching for the ultimate shower head.

The Low-Flow Shower Head Delivers a Disappointing ExperienceShower Head

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners when replacing an old shower head, is installing a low-flow water-saving unit when their house has poor water pressure.

If you have pressure of less than 45 psi, further reducing the amount of water pushed through the shower head just results in an anemic stream. You may end up taking a longer shower because you feel that you can’t rinse off due to the lack of pressure. Ultimately, the low-flow shower head did not solve the underlying problem, and now you are spending even more cash on water due to extended shower time.

The real solution may be working with a plumber to add a pump to increase water pressure rather than repeated attempts to find the perfect shower head.

Purchased an Appealing Rain Shower Head to Replace a Wall-Mount

You had dreams of standing under a gentle rainfall under the shiny new shower head you saw at the home improvement store. But when you got home, it turns out that the shower head demands a ceiling mount installation. Your existing shower head is fixed to the wall above the tub spout.

This mistake demands more than just a visit from the plumber. You will need to have the ceiling opened up to run a new supply pipe to reach the new shower head.

The Shower Panel Box Said Installation was Simple

Another popular shower concept is the wall of body jets that also includes a handheld shower head and mixing valve. Called a shower panel, the entire kit is sold in a single box with instructions that sound really easy. But is it?

If you are upgrading an older shower and tub valves in your mid-century home, it is possible that the hot and cold supply pipes have soldered connections. Now you are faced with cutting copper and adding new threaded connections. This isn’t quite the plug-n-play installation that you expected. Soon, you are calling your handyman or just throwing the whole thing in the closet.

The Handheld Shower Head is Too Tall for the Whole Family to Use

You found a great deal on a replacement handheld shower head. However, once it was in place, you realized that you have to be six-foot-tall to reach the handle. It was a great idea, but the wrong product. When you head back to the store, suddenly you realize that you might want a separate shower head and handheld unit. Which one will fit your current configuration without knocking down walls? This was just another time-consuming mistake.

The New Shower Head Finish Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Bathroom

The display looked like brushed nickel. The box said brushed nickel. However, the new shower head definitely looks different from the rest of the faucets and finishes in your custom ensuite. Do you have to replace all the tap handles? Or should you spend another week trying to find a shower head from the same manufacturer?

Showering was Easier Before the New Shower Head Arrived

The product description online included tempting settings such as pulse, power jet, massage, gentle rain, and wide-angle. The new shower head has been in place for a couple of weeks. You still spend several minutes every day trying to figure out which combination of buttons and levers gives you the shower experience that you want.

Taking a shower should not be this difficult! Now you are going to spend more money in search of the perfect shower head. What a waste!

It Wasn’t the Shower Head that was Broken

The old shower head dripped even after you turned off the water. It would sputter and spit. There were strange bangs and gurgling sounds coming from behind the wall. While a new shower head certainly looked better than the chipped fixture caked in scale, it didn’t get rid of the problems.

What you really needed was a plumber to replace the mixing valve and the corroded copper pipes behind the wall. Wasted time and effort.

Work with the Shower Experts and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Get the right upgrade for your shower the first time! Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design, and we will help you find the rain shower, jetted body spray, or handheld shower head you need for the ultimate bathing experience. Contact us to schedule your in-home consultation today.


Bathroom Accessories That Perfect Your Room

by Columbus Bath Design |September 27, 2019 |0 Comments | Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Design | ,

bathroom accessoriesChoosing the perfect accessories for any room in the house is never an easy task. If you’ve already got the perfect fixtures and appliances, how do you decorate to really bring attention to them? Choosing the perfect bathroom accessories doesn’t have to be hard.

You can start by asking yourself the following questions: 

How much space do you have and what is your layout like?

Bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the home, so sometimes choosing the right accessories can be difficult. Focus on must-have accessories. Think about the things you really need to have on-hand, and make these accessories as beautiful as possible. These can be small things like soap dispensers or dishes for must-have products like cotton buds. 

Accessories should also be convenient and can apply to small items of furniture. For example, a bathroom chair for longer makeup sessions, or a small stool for the kids to be able to reach the sink and learn how to brush their teeth are pieces of furniture that also double as accessories. Small tables for bath time can also be useful — to put your book on, a glass of wine, or a candle for the perfect relaxation station after a long day. Think about your lifestyle, your layout and the space available, and how your bathroom can best fit your needs.

If you have a small bathroom, you should turn your functional accessories into style pieces. This will avoid the space feeling cluttered, and will make it feel bigger and more zen. You could store your towels in different imaginative ways, like in a basket or rolled up on a wall shelf.

What should I hide in my bathroom for optimum chicness?

When planning accessories for your bathroom, the general principle is less is more. But this sometimes means people hide away their favorite products, rather than keeping them on show. If the packaging is pretty then don’t feel like you have to hide it away! Create a mood board, think about the style you are aiming for, and consider whether the packaging for this item fits in with it. 

Not all of your products in the bathroom need to be hidden — many have interesting and beautiful packaging that can actually add to the interior design of your bathroom. If you don’t like any of your packaging in the bathroom, invest in some quality soaps that have pretty packaging. They’re not all that expensive, and the simple design can make your bathroom feel even more classy and indulgent.
bathroom decor

What kind of design do you want: chic and minimal or homely and functional?

Really consider the design of your bathroom before you start thinking about your accessories. Make sure your accessories fit with your color palette and style. For example, if you’re aiming for a modern Scandinavian look, don’t include an antique Iranian jar. Or if you want your bathroom to feel like a spa for you to relax in after a hard day at work, think about adorning your space with candles or air purifying plants that make you feel at peace. The most important thing is that you decide on a theme and stick to it. Also the same goes for when you’re thinking about your lighting: it needs to be practical, highlight the features of your bathroom, and fit your style. 

What are the things that you most like?

Bad designs don’t accurately reflect the people who live in them. Your bathroom should reflect you, your tastes and your favorite things. Bring your personality and likes and dislikes in to personalize the space. If you love the beach, theme it around this, or if you feel relaxed in a forest, bring in lots of houseplants and paint the walls green. Make your own safe haven, personalized to you! 

Also, think about what accessories make you feel comfortable. Is it when you come out of the shower and put on that plush bathrobe? Then don’t hide it away! That’s what brings you the most happiness out of the functional items in the room, so that is what should be displayed and attention drawn to. Surround yourself only with items that bring you happiness, and show them in a way that celebrates them!

How can my bathroom accessories also act as storage?

There are many different storage accessories to choose from on the market, from trunks to ceramic containers, wicker baskets to plant pots. There are many different styles and colors, so make sure to choose ones that work with your color scheme, and get only products that work in that color range. For example, a great idea for a simplistic look is just using wicker and white ceramic storage containers. Everything in your bathroom will work in tandem, without being too matchy-matchy as everything serves its own function. You can store them on counter surfaces, or stack them on the floor. 

A cool, modern idea is to lean an old step ladder or get a storage unit shaped like a step ladder, to organize all your storage boxes, towels, and ornamental accessories. For items that are harder to find, and you need to use every day, like cotton wool, consider using glass containers. These items aren’t too ugly, so don’t need to be hidden away. If your bathroom is truly tiny, consider putting the surplus product in another room or storage space, and just refilling these storage containers when needed — then the large items won’t take up vital bathroom space, and you’ll be left surrounded by only beautiful things!

Come and visit us at Columbus Bath Design to find the perfect bathroom to suit all of your needs, or call us on this number: (614) 907-4558.

Making Your Bathroom Spooky For Halloween

by Columbus Bath Design |October 19, 2018 |4 Comments | Bathroom Accessories | , , ,

When it comes to Halloween, you want to pull out all of the stops and make your home as spooky and festive as possible. When hosting for the holiday, don’t forget to decorate your bathroom! Here are our favorite tips to make your bathroom extra scary this October:

Change up the Lighting

Swapping your old lightbulb for a creepy orange or green one can change the entire vibe of the room. Dimming your lights or adding strands of lights shaped like leaves and pumpkins can also add to the ambiance. Adding creepy candles can also give your space a “haunted mansion” type feel.

Switch out Your Accessories

Add decorations wherever you can. Swap out the soap dispenser, add a blood-spattered bath mat and throw plastic spiders all over the place. Invest in Halloween themed linens and signs to hang around. The more festive you can be, the better.

Don’t Forget a Spooky Scent

Investing in a pumpkin scented candle or bathroom spray can make your space feel incredibly festive. Find a scent that screams “fall”. Pumpkin, pine, and apple all help contribute to the ambiance.

Make it Gord-geous

Another fun way to bring Halloween decor into your bathroom is by adding pumpkins and gourds. Placing these around your sink, on your window sills, and on the back of your toilet brings a fresh new look to your space. Buy varying sizes to mix things up and arrange them into fun patterns to give your space some easy flair.

Spiders and Webs

One of the easiest (and creepiest) decorations that you can add are fake spider webs and plastic spiders. These are easy to place and to clean up and can be used again and again year after year. Add fake webs to the corners of your room and all around the windows and then sprinkle fake spiders all around.

There are plenty of fun ways to make your bathroom spooky this Halloween season. Get creative and find some DIY crafts to spruce up your space. Your guests will love the festive feel of your home and you’ll go down as the hostess with the mostest.


How Columbus Bath Design Can Transform Your Bathroom

by Columbus Bath Design |September 28, 2018 |1 Comments | Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Remodeling | , , , , ,

A bathroom is an integral and decorative part of the home. A well-accessorized bathroom should be as pleasing and inviting as the rest of the house. Warm light, beautiful tile floors, state-of-the-art showers, deep bathtubs, and sparkling fixtures will bring your bathroom to the next level. Let our professionals at Columbus Bath Design help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


Fixtures such as shower heads and faucets no longer have to be dull and boring. Our customers can choose our oil rubbed bronze shower heads, towel rings, faucets and shower doors. Our faucets can even be single or double handled. 

If you and your family are wary of reaching for that bar of soap you’ve put on the rim of the tub only to have it slip out of your grasp, our dishes, shelves, and corner caddies hold soaps and shampoos securely until you’re ready for them. Our shelves also come in different sizes and shapes.

You can also choose from our rainfall showerheads, hand-held showerheads, and showers with body jets that turn to shower into a truly thrilling experience.


Tile is a staple part of many bathrooms. It is not only beautiful, but it is extremely strong and durable. If it does crack or chip, it is easy to replace. All that’s needed is the batch number to replace a tile with one the exact color and pattern. Tile is also easy to keep clean, especially if it’s glazed. We are pleased to offer and install just the right type of tile to perfect your bathroom.


Few things are better than a good, long soak in a tub. We offer a wide variety of gorgeous tubs- after all, we aren’t called “Columbus Bath Design” for nothing! Check out our assortment of slipper tubs, soaking tubs and tubs installed on platforms faced with beautiful tile. We even offer updated tub/shower combinations and walk-in-tubs for our older customers.


Some of our customers want both a tub and a shower. Others don’t like baths, and the tub just takes up space in their bathroom. At Columbus Bath Design, we can accommodate any of these wants. Check out our gallery for the wide variety of showers that we offer for your bathroom remodel. They not only have luxurious tiles, but shelves, special shower heads and jets and transparent or translucent frameless doors.


Vanities also don’t need to be utilitarian anymore. Indeed, a beautiful vanity with a gleaming marble top, cut crystal knobs, and paneled doors and drawers can be the focal point of the bathroom.

Interested in a Bathroom Remodel? Call Columbus Bath Design

If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio and are a bit tired of your old bathroom and long for one that is both gorgeous and contemporary, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design. We have everything you need to get the exact bathroom you’ve always wanted. 

Why You Should Contact Columbus Bath Design for Your Bathroom Remodel

by Columbus Bath Design |August 16, 2018 |1 Comments | Bathroom Remodeling | , , , , ,

Did you know that the bathroom of your dreams can be as little as one day away? At Columbus Bath Design, we can help you brainstorm your perfect bathroom and make it a reality in no time at all with our one-day remodeling process. Here’s why you should choose us as your bathroom remodeling experts:

Quick and Easy

Our process starts with a free, in-home estimate. Here at Columbus Bath Design, we believe in being completely transparent with our customers about options and costs. Our staff will work with you directly to meet all of your wants and needs for the designated space. A big deterrent for many people wishing to remodel their space is the inconvenience and stress of a renovation. Our one-day remodeling will completely eliminate this stress. In no time at all, your space will be back up and functioning, better than ever.

Endless Design Possibilities

Do you need help with remodeling ideas? Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have ever detail picked out down to the last hand towel, we’re here to help. Come visit us at our showroom, where we have countless decorating options and designs to help you choose the look that’s right for you. You can see different bath, shower, flooring, and accessory options. Envision gorgeous color schemes and alluring tile patterns. See lighting that feels natural and comfortable. Our showroom makes it easy to picture your new bathroom and will help you pick components that go together, flawlessly.

Affordable Quality and Local Experts at Your Service

Columbus Bath Design provides the most complete, professional remodeling process for you. We pride ourselves on our high-quality materials and expert employees. Our professionals guide you through a step-by-step remodeling of your bathroom. Whether you want to touch up your existing features or to create a totally new bathroom, you have our staff’s full attention and expertise. You can’t beat over 20 years of bathroom remodeling experience in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our designers, remodelers, and installers have affordable solutions to your projects’ needs. We fit any budget, any design, and any space.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Are you still hesitant about making the jump to remodel your bathroom? We guarantee excellent service and results, but don’t take our word for it: there are plenty of customer reviews and before and after photos that you can see on our website. Peruse our gallery of past projects to see the quality of our work and get some ideas for your own space.

Columbus Bath Design is your expert when it comes to all things bathroom remodeling. Give us a call today and start your quick, simple journey to a brand new, gorgeous bathroom in simply no time at all.

Caring for Bathroom Tile

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Bathroom tile can be a beautiful complement to any beautifully decorated bathroom. Properly caring for your bathroom tile can be a bit of a challenge, but if you do it properly, it can help your tile last for years to come. Because of its’ frequent use, the bathroom requires a lot of maintenance. Follow these time-saving tips to keep your bathroom looking clean:

Stay Away from Harsh Cleaners

More abrasive cleaners may get the job done, but they can also cause your tile grout to wear and down and eventually begin to crack. Even small cracks can be a perfect spot for mold and mildew to develop. Instead, use mild soap and water for light cleanings, and gentle or specialized cleaners for more stubborn stains.

Periodically Apply SealerScrubbing Bathroom Wall with Sponge

Sealing your tiles on a regular basis minimizes wear and tear. This is especially true with tiles frequently exposed to water, such as ones on shower walls, bathroom countertops, or flooring with tiles near the bathtub/shower area. Be sure to choose a sealer made for your tiles specific location and material.

Keep a Squeegee Handy

If there’s one tool you’ll want to keep on deck at all times in your bathroom, it’s a squeegee. First, use a towel to wipe up any visible moisture, such as spilled water on tiles near the sink or on shower walls. Then use the squeegee to easily brush away any excess moisture to reduce your odds of growing mold or mildew.

Be Mindful of Signs of Mold

Doing regular visual inspections to check for signs of these common bathroom growths can reduce your odds of having a big problem on your hands. If you spot a few spores or signs of mold-related growth, a store-bought grout cleaner can usually do the trick. But if the problem is more widespread, hire a professional cleaning service. Either way, deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

Clean Grout Lines

The cement-based mixture that fills the spaces between bathroom tiles is where stains usually show up first. Keep your tile grout clean and free of potentially harmful contaminants by using either mild bleach or a grout cleaning product. If there are existing stains, let the cleaner sit for about 10-15 minutes before cleaning it with a scrub brush or toothbrush. Avoid scrubbing tiles directly so you don’t accidentally scratch the material.  

Know When It’s Time for Replacement

Cleaning tiles on a regular basis can prevent serious issues with your tile flooring and can help it last for quite a while. However, there are circumstances in which it is necessary to replace flooring. If your flooring has an excessive buildup of mold or mildew, or if it is beginning to crack, talk to a professional about replacement options.

Caring for your tile floors can be simple and can keep them looking beautiful and functional for years to come. If you have questions about flooring or you are looking to redecorate, contact the experts at Columbus Bath Design today!

The Top 5 Traits Of Every Gorgeous Bathroom

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Whether you are designing a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one, there are a few essential traits you should aim to incorporate. Keep these five things in mind when creating your perfect bathroom:

Superior Lighting

The importance of lighting is something that a lot of people mistakenly overlook when remodeling their bathrooms. Lighting can be natural or artificial and can give the room a whole different feel. Bright, clear lighting is also essential for things like makeup application and hair grooming. Evaluate your space’s lighting needs and choose lighting options accordingly.

A Color Scheme

Picking a color scheme before starting the design process will help narrow down your design options, which can often make decision making much easier. There are a multitude of things you must decide when designing a restroom, including what kind of bathtub/shower, sink, tile, and mirror to choose. Having an overarching color scheme prior to picking our decorations can make picking these items easier and can lead to an overall more cohesively designed space.

Function is Important

While it can be easy to design a bathroom based on trends and fads, the truth is that your focus should lie in functionality. You want to choose sturdy, durable bathroom items that will last.

For example, you may want a trendy bucket-style tub, but also want the functionality that comes with a shower. In some cases, you can have the best of both worlds by installing a bucket-style-bathtub with a shower head on the wall and a glass enclosure to make sure all the water stays contained.

Working with a design team is a great way to merge trendy and functional and will help you think outside the box to get the look you want while also meeting your needs.

Creative Storage

Utilizing different places in your bathroom for hidden storage is another great idea for your bathroom. Take advantage of places that wouldn’t normally be used; under the sink, the back of bathroom doors, etc. By adding a basket or container to these small spaces, you will increase your storage capacity and make your bathroom overall more functional. The key is to get creative!

Every Detail Matters

It may seem like small details do not matter when designing a beautiful restroom, however, the small details are often what bring a whole look together. Our team is invested in your design, all the way down to the hand towels that will be on display. Having a team that is so invested in the process is key to having a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience.

If you want help designing your new dream bathroom, call our experts at Columbus Bath Design today!

Best Paints and Colors For Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms can make a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. Many people have outdated bathrooms because of the common misconceptions surrounding the ease and cost of remodeling a bathroom. One quick way to spruce your bathroom up without a full remodel is to reconsider your color scheme.

Looking at Paint Samples

It can be hard to determine a good color because typically the bathroom receives the least amount of natural light in the home. It is important to get samples and paint cards to test the color before applying it to the walls. The exact colors you see in photos or magazines can be a good option to use as samples because this is generally how they will actually look under the hue of artificial light. Even colors that seem neutral can have vibrant undertones, so it’s important to test your paint cards and look at it them different times of the day before deciding.

Picking a Color Scheme

You can pick your colors based on a variety of factors. Think about what look you are going for- is it tranquil and serene? Bold and colorful? Trendy and stylish? You want to pick something that will last over a long period of time as you don’t want to have to repaint any time soon. Soft and neutral colors like light gray and sage greens will provide a relaxing and spa-like feel, and you can also pair neutrals with pops of other colors through accessories and decorations. With neutrals, you can change these accent colors out whenever you want as opposed to repainting the whole powder room. Whites and creams give bathrooms a very clean, high-end feel and pair well with marbles and white trim. Bright colors like blues, greens, and oranges, provide a punch of color and personality to a smaller space and can be toned down with white and neutral accents.

Finding a Flow

You also want to choose samples that match things in the room that you will not be remodeling, for instance, the flooring. For a cohesive feel throughout the whole powder room, it’s important to make sure all of the colors flow and there’s consistency throughout the theme of the powder room, with the colors, the flooring, the tub, the vanity, and countertops. Your powder room will look more complete and high end if it all flows together, and paints can be a great way to tie it all together.

Paint Type

Although when you walk into a home improvement store there are always a variety of wall colors to choose from, another important decision you need to make is type is what type of paint to use. One of the best paint options is semi-gloss. The texture gives it a shiny and sealed finish. This is ideal for bathrooms as it repels moisture and will prevent mold and mildew from developing. Typically all paints at the glossier end of the spectrum will resist mold and mildew well. 

Repainting your bathroom is a great way to get a fresh new look. It’s an inexpensive way to update your space if you’re not ready for a full remodel. If you have questions about paint colors or remodeling your bathroom in general, give Columbus Bath Design a call today.