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Best Type of Accessories to Add to Your Shower

Best Type of Accessories to Add to Your Shower

Best Type of Accessories to Add to Your Shower

November 30, 2022 | Bathroom Accessories

Are you planning your bathroom renovation? Before closing the order for the fixtures and new shower enclosure, are there any accessories that you have always wanted in your shower? Now is the time to add them to the design. Many accessories can be built into your enclosure–whether it is prefab or custom construction.

Your personal consultant at Columbus Bath Design will be happy to help you select the ones that will help your final bathroom renovation work and look the best.

A Showerhead for Looks and Function

One of the easiest add-ons for your shower renovation is upgrading your showerhead. It can do so much more than the old fixed heads.

Add a hand-held head and even the kids can reach to adjust the water flow. You may have struggled to get under the showerhead if you are tall. That handheld unit will finally get you a good rinse every time.

Some showerheads have adjustable heads that can shut off the water, create a light drizzle, or turn into a muscle-relaxing pulsation.

A rain showerhead is positioned overhead, so your whole body can stand under the water for an immersive bathing experience.

There is no need to install an opulent marble shower to enjoy a smart showerhead. They can be added to any shower.

Shelves and Cubbies for Shampoo and Soap

Even if it’s just you and your spouse sharing the shower, you probably fight over the available shelving. Contemporary shower enclosures can be molded to include an extra shelf and inset cubbies. Now there is always somewhere for your scented soap. Don’t forget to add a hook to hang your scrubby.

Grab Bars Perform Double Duty

Whether you or your guests are a little unsteady on your feet, a grab bar inside the shower can help to reduce stress and bring back the simple joy of a hot soak. Today’s showers can have a bar installed that is incorporated in the soap dish design. Your guests may not even see it as an assist device. It’s a great place to hang your washcloth up to dry, too.

Shower Caddies to Keep It Organized

When all the kids are sharing the big family bathroom, hanging shower caddies can help them keep their own shower supplies sorted. Your caddy can hang off the soap dish or the shower head. When they are done, they take it with them so the next person can bring in their own soap and shampoo.

Multi-Tier Corner Shelving for the Whole Family

A clever multi-level shelving system included in one corner of the shower provides a spot for multiple bottles at a level that works for everyone. Better yet, it helps to keep the edges of the tub or shower clear of clutter. There is always room for your special soap or bath bombs.

Shower Doors Add Convenience and Style

Change the way your bathroom works. Change the swinging door into a slider and discover added square footage in the middle of the floor. Opt for a frosted look and enjoy more privacy. Select an etched design that dresses up the room while opening up sight lines. Match the hardware to your door knobs and pulls for a finished look.

Shower Seats for Safety and Comfort

Do you sometimes just sit and let the hot water pour over your tired body? Bring back the relaxation found in a tub to your walk-in shower with a built-in shower seat. The extra long hose on the handheld showerhead means you can bathe in total comfort and safety.

No-slip and Washable Bathmat

While the floor tiles in your shower feature a no-slip surface, sometimes the soft feel of a rubber bath or shower mat under your feet provides a sense of safety. Today’s mats are available in nearly every size and color. Choose a clear one to show off your tiled enclosure or opt for a hue that matches your walls.

Whether you have a small shower or an expansive walk-in planned, there is a mat available to complement the decor. Better yet, these mats are as easy as your floors to scrub clean.

Work with Your Design Consultant to Include All the Shower Accessories You Desire

The best way to ensure that your shower performs as you always thought it should is to spend a little extra time with your bathroom design specialist. While you are talking about finishes, vanities, and one-day upgrades, also discuss how many people will be using the bathroom. Do you need extra towel rungs? How about a cabinet for storage?

A shower project that includes all the little extras will have a more professional appearance and is likely to save you time and money. You won’t need to make an extra shopping trip after your renovation is complete.

When it is time to update your bathroom and shower in the Lewis Center, OH area, give us a ring at Columbus Bath Design. We can tackle everything from upgrading to a walk-in shower and adding all the accessories you need for a luxurious bathing experience.

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