Customize Your Bathroom Remodel With Columbus Bath Design by Luxury Bath

Though a bath can often be viewed as luxurious, many overlook the possible dangers of a bathtub for certain age groups. That is why we offer one day bathroom remodeling for our customers that includes a tub to shower conversion.

We offer customized options that will enhance safety and are cost effective. Some may avoid a tub to shower conversion in fear that it may appear unappealing in resale, however, many people prefer a shower instead of a bathtub.

For children, it is safer to avoid a larger, slipper surface area. When adults get older, they find that they may want grab bars or a bench to sit on while showering.

We take pride in the quality of materials we use. Some contractors use a two-layer acrylic, but at Columbus Bath Design by Luxury Bath, we use a four-layer high molecular base that is far more durable and chemically resistant. Opt to use Columbus Bath Design by Luxury Bath for a one day bathroom remodeling if you are considering replacing your old tub with a new stand up shower!

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