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Mistakes People Make When They Buy Shower Heads

Mistakes People Make When They Buy Shower Heads

April 5, 2022 | Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom tips

You want a new shower head. It should have a handheld unit and give you a vigorous hot shower complete with pulsing jets. It seems the easiest thing to do is to stop by the hardware store and pick up the first box on the shelf. But for many people, that impulsive purchase ends up in sheer frustration. Learn how to avoid the same mistakes others make when searching for the ultimate shower head.

The Low-Flow Shower Head Delivers a Disappointing ExperienceShower Head

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners when replacing an old shower head, is installing a low-flow water-saving unit when their house has poor water pressure.

If you have pressure of less than 45 psi, further reducing the amount of water pushed through the shower head just results in an anemic stream. You may end up taking a longer shower because you feel that you can’t rinse off due to the lack of pressure. Ultimately, the low-flow shower head did not solve the underlying problem, and now you are spending even more cash on water due to extended shower time.

The real solution may be working with a plumber to add a pump to increase water pressure rather than repeated attempts to find the perfect shower head.

Purchased an Appealing Rain Shower Head to Replace a Wall-Mount

You had dreams of standing under a gentle rainfall under the shiny new shower head you saw at the home improvement store. But when you got home, it turns out that the shower head demands a ceiling mount installation. Your existing shower head is fixed to the wall above the tub spout.

This mistake demands more than just a visit from the plumber. You will need to have the ceiling opened up to run a new supply pipe to reach the new shower head.

The Shower Panel Box Said Installation was Simple

Another popular shower concept is the wall of body jets that also includes a handheld shower head and mixing valve. Called a shower panel, the entire kit is sold in a single box with instructions that sound really easy. But is it?

If you are upgrading an older shower and tub valves in your mid-century home, it is possible that the hot and cold supply pipes have soldered connections. Now you are faced with cutting copper and adding new threaded connections. This isn’t quite the plug-n-play installation that you expected. Soon, you are calling your handyman or just throwing the whole thing in the closet.

The Handheld Shower Head is Too Tall for the Whole Family to Use

You found a great deal on a replacement handheld shower head. However, once it was in place, you realized that you have to be six-foot-tall to reach the handle. It was a great idea, but the wrong product. When you head back to the store, suddenly you realize that you might want a separate shower head and handheld unit. Which one will fit your current configuration without knocking down walls? This was just another time-consuming mistake.

The New Shower Head Finish Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Bathroom

The display looked like brushed nickel. The box said brushed nickel. However, the new shower head definitely looks different from the rest of the faucets and finishes in your custom ensuite. Do you have to replace all the tap handles? Or should you spend another week trying to find a shower head from the same manufacturer?

Showering was Easier Before the New Shower Head Arrived

The product description online included tempting settings such as pulse, power jet, massage, gentle rain, and wide-angle. The new shower head has been in place for a couple of weeks. You still spend several minutes every day trying to figure out which combination of buttons and levers gives you the shower experience that you want.

Taking a shower should not be this difficult! Now you are going to spend more money in search of the perfect shower head. What a waste!

It Wasn’t the Shower Head that was Broken

The old shower head dripped even after you turned off the water. It would sputter and spit. There were strange bangs and gurgling sounds coming from behind the wall. While a new shower head certainly looked better than the chipped fixture caked in scale, it didn’t get rid of the problems.

What you really needed was a plumber to replace the mixing valve and the corroded copper pipes behind the wall. Wasted time and effort.

Work with the Shower Experts and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Get the right upgrade for your shower the first time! Give us a call at Columbus Bath Design, and we will help you find the rain shower, jetted body spray, or handheld shower head you need for the ultimate bathing experience. Contact us to schedule your in-home consultation today.


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