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Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

December 15, 2022 | Bathroom Design

A new year has arrived and it is time to tackle your bathroom renovation. What new and exciting trends might you want to incorporate in your one-day bathroom renovation from Columbus Bath Design? Let’s check out some of the hottest options popping up across the nation.

The Smart House Enters the Bathroom

While your smartphone uses an app to lock the front door, order groceries, and turn on the music, it now can take your bathroom design to the next level.

Intelligent technology is popping up in touchscreen mirrors, programmable bidets, and heated toilet seats. Control your entire spa experience using voice controls and your Alexa or Google Home. Ambient lighting, radiant heated floors, and even privacy film on your windows.

Organic Elements Keep You Connected

While you might love a few tech toys at your fingertips, the use of organic design elements helps us stay grounded and establish that inner peace we often find while soaking in some bubbles.

Choose a vanity finished in natural wood tones. Add some plants that sit on a shelf in your walk-in shower. Bamboo rugs. Natural stone surfaces. Select tiles and paint that introduce the colors of the great outdoors. A large picture window positioned by the soaking tub adds soothing scenery during your evening bath.

Something Old, Something New

Today’s contemporary home decor often features sleek, straight lines in crisp shades of white and gray. However, a home that is completely devoid of trinkets, pictures, and soft splashes of color can appear sterile. Warm up your bathroom decor by introducing a few favorite pieces from your family history. An antique hair brush, a framed print of your family, Grandpa’s shaving cup, or even a vessel sink that looks like a porcelain bowl brings back some welcome life into the space.

You may want to select a vanity with carved legs and an ornate custom countertop to offset the clean lines of your walk-in shower.

Teaching the Toilet New Tricks

While the close-coupled toilet has been keeping our homes clean and healthy for nearly two centuries, there are some trending ideas to bring your WC into the modern era.

Think about the toilet height when choosing your next unit. They can be adjusted to accommodate taller and shorter individuals for a more comfortable visit to the loo. Add a bidet and experience a fresh and clean finish. Heated toilet seats chase away the chill during midnight visits. Look for motion sensors that will close the lid and flush for you after you leave the room.

While most toilet upgrades can be pricey, consider the amount of time spent visiting the porcelain pedestal on a daily basis. It can be a rewarding investment.

A Touch of Gold

One of the trending colors for 2023 is old gold. Create a modern design for your new bathroom by adding gold faucets, vanity hardware, and lighting fixtures. Look for hints of burnished metal in a quartz countertop or in floor and wall tiles. Its warm tones send relaxing vibes throughout the space while complementing the brighter colors that you choose for your linens and soft surfaces.

Look for this popular choice in your home design center. Find it on shower rings, picture frames, toiletry sets, and rugs.

Accessible Bathroom Designs for All

Building a bathroom is a major investment and one that will support your family through every moment of their lives. This is why more homeowners are including accessible designs in their bathroom renovations. From grab bars that help you get in and out of the tub to walk-in showers with built-in seats, making a bathroom safer and easier to use benefits everyone.

Fortunately, when you seek to include accessible features during the design process, you can opt for finishes that blend in with the decor and avoid an institutional appearance. Consider a wider doorway that accommodates a person using a walker, door knobs shaped as levers, and hand-held shower heads.

The Convenience and Beauty of Wet-Rooms

Are you looking for something truly different for your private spa suite? Banish the old-fashioned look of a tub, toilet, and vanity when you explore the open concept of a wet room. Instead of shower curtains or sliding doors, the whole space is open to the shower area. Unified flooring runs from the door of the bathroom right through the shower for an open and airy feeling. There are no trip hazards when entering the shower. Add body jets and a rain shower head for an opulent bathing experience.

The singular design often features a one-color palette that includes the vanity, walls, shelving, and even the toilet.

Kickstart Your Bathroom Renovation Today

Are you inspired? Get your updated bathroom project moving with a quick call to Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Our bathroom design specialists will help you craft a space that incorporates a wide selection of today’s trending styles while delivering years of comfortable service to your family.

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