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10 Quick Tips for Adding a Luxurious Feel to Your Bathroom

10 Quick Tips for Adding a Luxurious Feel to Your Bathroom

10 Quick Tips for Adding a Luxurious Feel to Your Bathroom

October 19, 2022 | Bathroom Design

You loved wallowing in that oversized hot tub on your vacation. How can you bring that indulgent look and feel to your own Ohio home bathroom? You can do a total gut and start from scratch. Or you can use these 10 quick tips to introduce a touch of luxury from Columbus Bath Design to save time and money.

Fresh Paint Erases Years in an Afternoon

Even if the walls in your bathroom are a calming off-white, after a few years they will gather dust and dirt. Luxury spas are always gleaming and spotlessly clean. Bring back that beautiful sheen to the bathroom with a gallon of paint and a few hours of work on the weekend.

Rich Cotton Linens in Your Favorite Color

Did you know that matching decor and symmetrical design can actually calm your nerves? Replace your random collection of rugs and towels with a fresh matching set. Opt for thick terry cloth and shag rugs into which you can sink your toes. Indulge your senses after every steaming hot shower.

Plants that Love Moist Air and Breath Oxygen into Your Home

Not only will a few potted plants lend vibrant and soothing energy to your bathroom, but they also rejuvenate the air. Hang a spider plant in the window, tuck a Boston fern in the corner, and pop a small succulent next to the sink. The moisture from the shower will help keep them green and growing and bring peace of mind to you.

Opulent Tiles with the Look and Feel of Marble

Do you experience a sense of wonder and luxury each time you visit the museum or even city hall? Rich marble stone often graces the floors, walls, and countertops of these special buildings. You can add that same silky stone to your bathroom for the ultimate luxury experience. If a real stone is out of your budget, consider shower enclosures and tiles crafted out of porcelain or quartz that duplicate the look and feel.

Huge Glass Doors Open Up Your Walk-in Shower

Does your shower have a textured or frosted door? It is hiding the beautiful tile work you included in your walk-in shower upgrade. By replacing the old door with a beautiful frameless glass version, you visually open up the space and create a feeling of luxury and added space. Go the extra mile and match the floor tile to the materials used in the shower for a seamless look and feel.

Dance Under a New Rain Showerhead

Part of a luxury shower is the feeling of rain pattering down on your head. Switching out the old showerhead with a rain type requires a few parts, some wrenches, and elbow grease. The result is an entirely new shower experience. Add some tower jets and indulge in whole-body suds and scrub.

Go Glam with Crystal Door Knobs and Drawer Pulls

A little sparkle always brings a smile to your lips. Give your private bath a lift by changing out the doorknobs, drawer pulls, and even your water taps with cut crystal versions. Go all in and add a pendant light or small chandelier dripping with crystals.

Relax to the Aroma of an Essential Oil Diffuser

When you visit the spa, don’t you always breathe deeply of familiar and soothing scents? Put a little plug-in oil diffuser on the shelf over the toilet and add a few drops of your favorite essence while you soak. Eucalyptus encourages full deep breathing. Sage clears the air and mind of lingering smells. Lemon Balm brightens the mood.

Indulge in a Deep Soaking Tub

Changing out your old tub for a new soaking version may be more than you imagined, but now you can do it in just a few days. Feel the aches bubble away. Find some special together time on the weekends. Instead of settling for a shallow splash, that deep tub wraps you in warm scented water for a true luxury bath.

Wrap Up in Heated Towels After Every Shower

A heated towel rack will not change the visual appeal of your upscale bathroom, but it provides the final touch to your luxurious morning routine. These racks can either be wall or floor-mounted. Simply hit the switch before you start the shower. When you step out, your thick cotton towel will be toasty warm.

Are You Ready to Bring Real Luxury to Your Tire Bathroom?

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to upgrade your tired and outdated bathroom into an opulent spa experience. If you want to change the shower, showerhead, tiles, or everything, give us a call at Columbus Bath Design in Lewis Center, OH. Together we can craft a bathroom renovation that fits your budget and timeline while increasing your joy in your home.

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