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Bathroom Organization Tips

by Columbus Bath Design |August 9, 2019 |10 Comments | Bathroom Design | ,

Bathroom Organization TipsBathroom organization might seem like it’s not important, especially when you have so many other things to organize in your life. But with just a bit of planning, and by following some of our organizational life-hacks, your bathroom might just become your new favorite room in the house! 

Whether you’re getting the kids ready for school at the beginning of the day, or getting ready for a date or a night of fun, bathrooms can be a stressful place. But a fully organized bathroom, with clean surfaces and a chic design, will become your oasis of peace. Your bathroom should be the place where you come home at the end of a long day, run a bath, and let the cobwebs wash off you.

Marie Kondo, the tidying guru, teaches us that all of our objects and possessions should have a place and should bring us joy. If you know where everything is, it keeps your things looking organized, and makes your bathroom experience stress free — erasing the unnecessary time you spend looking for things. Having a well-organized bathroom can reduce your stress at the beginning of the day, doesn’t look cluttered, and can even bring the family together if everyone knows how to play their part!

So, now we know the purpose of having a well-organized bathroom, where do we start? 

The first step is to declutter. So many of us keep unnecessary objects around us, which can make our lives feel busy and lead to unnecessary stress. When going about reorganizing your bathroom, try to cut your belongings here by half. Many of us keep ahold of bottles with not much left in them, old medications, decorations, and the list goes on. Get rid of everything unnecessary like this, and we promise you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders!

What about the things I need?

Decluttering doesn’t mean you get rid of the things you need for daily life. All of these things will find their own home, but that’s the next step. In the decluttering process, think about moving things like duplicates to another room or storage space. Many people keep their medications in the bathroom, but did you know that many medications actually suffer from the humidity?! How about keeping them in the kitchen or in your bedroom, away from any kids, to streamline your bathroom experience? In a clearly labeled box, you’ll never forget where they are, and we think you might even find it easier to organize and find what you’re looking for this way. 

How can I organize the things I need? 

It is important to think at this stage of how you use the space in your bathroom. For putting on makeup? For doing your hair? For playing with toys with your kids in the bath? Each space you organize in your bathroom should have its own function, so you always know where you need to look for something. For example, consider having a hair station, or box, which contains all of your hair care products and brushes. Remember to organize your bathroom space by function so it fits in with your lifestyle.

Here are a few extra recommendations which you could try if you want to make your bathroom feel bigger and less cluttered: 

  • Stick containers to the inside of cabinet doors, for things like toothbrushes (this also keeps them more sanitary).
  • Use plastic boxes to divide up the contents of your drawers by function.
  • For tiny bathrooms, give each member of your family their own bathroom bag. This could even be stored in their bedroom, to avoid using any bathroom storage space entirely. 
  • Use an in-bathroom laundry bin to avoid towels being left draped all over the place.
  • Use a hanging shower caddy to store all of your shower items such as soap, body wash or shampoo. 
  • Invest in wicker storage baskets/ woven bins to stash more towels in for aesthetically-pleasing extra storage space.
  • You could add extra shelves in spaces you cannot use, such as over the toilet, or in corner shelves. 
  • Invest in extra cabinets, or large cabinets, especially if you have a big family. 
  • Think about using a towel rack for rolled-up towels, instead of hanging them. This keeps them looking neater and takes up less space. 
  • Consider investing in a cart or small shelving unit. You could even keep a houseplant on top to make it look like decoration and to purify the air. Keep your cotton buds, bath bombs, magazines, or rolled-up towels here.
  • If you’ve got kids, think about buying a draw-string bag for all of their things, especially toys. You could even hang the bag from a suction cup above the bath, or store it in their room out of sight for when you want a relaxing bath on your own. 
  • You could look into buying a “lazy Susan” — a circle tray that you can spin around — instead of knocking things over trying to find the right product. 
  • Hang small storage units, maybe mason jars, to the wall (using a magnetic strip or hooks) to use as dispensers for cotton balls or toothbrushes.

How can I make my bathroom feel clear, calm and zen?

Keeping your bathroom a safe-haven isn’t as difficult as you might think. With all that clutter gone and each item having its own place, now you just need to remember to put it back where it belongs! The whole family can help you with this, especially if each member has their own designated spot, bag or basket. No one has time to do a deep clean of the bathroom every day, but keeping the counters clutter-free, and wiping them and the sinks once a day can make a huge difference. 

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Organization And Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

by Columbus Bath Design |June 8, 2018 |2 Comments | Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Design, Bathroom Remodeling Tips, Bathroom tips, homeowners | , , , , , , , ,

A small bathroom presents special challenges when it comes to storage. You need to find a place for small things like toilet paper, makeup, and razors while offering enough room for towels and other bulky items. Fortunately, with a few simple organizational tricks, you can find ways to fit those items into even the smallest bathrooms.


Place a shelf right above the sink. You have a few items that you use at least once a day. Things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, razors, tweezers, etc. A small shelf above the sink and below the mirror is a perfect place to store these commonly used items.

Add a cabinet or shelves above the toilet. If there is one space that you need to use in a bathroom, it is the area above the toilet. Half the wall from the top of the toilet to the ceiling is available for a cabinet, open shelves, or towel racks.

Replace a mirror with one that has shelves included. A few decades ago, medicine cabinets were standard in most homes. These sturdy mirrors had shelves behind a mirrored door. Now, many homes have flat mirrors. The good news is that you can replace these flat mirrors with modern stylish ones that include the shelving.

Get Creative!

Use spice racks and hanging baskets. The wall space around your sink and tub is ideal for storing smaller items, so they are handy to find, but not cluttering the sink or tub surround. Spice racks and hanging baskets allow you to maximize your vertical storage and keep your space organized.

Put hooks on the wall. Another way to maximize your vertical storage is with hooks. Towels, brushes, robes, and bags are just a few things you can hang off a hook. With removable plastic hooks available, no surface is off limits for these handy items.

Utilize All Of Your Space

Don’t forget the back of the door. Walk into your bathroom and close the door. Look at the back of the door. There is a major blank slate available there. Hooks, racks and hanging baskets will give you the stockpile space you need.

Use the area above the door. If you look up above your bathroom door, you will see a dead space, perfect for storing extra towels and toilet paper. A simple open shelf is easy to install and will get things up and out of the way. You can go as plain or as fancy as you want with the shelf and hardware choice.

Maximize your under sink cache. If you have a sink cabinet, you need to ensure you are using all the space available. Plastic drawers and adjustable shelves can give you precious space for seldom-used items that you still need to access on occasion.

These simple organization ideas will help you maximize your bathroom potential. If your small bathroom just still isn’t doing the trick, the experts at Columbus Bath Design can help you remodel a brand new bathroom. Give us a call today!